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Latvian Culture Exhibit

Date: June 10 1968
Description: A person is bending over to examine a costume on a mannequin. Caption reads: "A national traveling exhibit on Latvian culture was on view Saturday a...

M.W. Mc B.

Date: February 1923
Description: A woman is standing and posing in front of a log cabin. She is wearing a dress with floral accents and puffed sleeves, and a fascinator with a lace veil. S...

Ann Agulnick

Date: June 03 1962
Description: A woman posing holding a fan in her right hand. She is wearing a fascinator, a "flapper"-style dress, lace gloves, and a purse on a silk ribbon over her wr...

Unidentified Women

Date: 1893
Description: Two unidentified women posing together. The woman on the left is sitting on a table or bench, and is wearing a hat and a coat with a cape. The other woman...

Elm Grove Women's Club Style Show

Date: March 27 1958
Description: Three women are standing together, with two of them wearing dresses and one woman wearing a blouse and skirt. Two of the women are looking at the third, wh...

A Sheer Winner

Date: March 22 1989
Description: A woman posing in a coat with matching pants and holding a domino mask over her face. Behind her is another woman posing, also with a domino mask. Caption...

Bronwyn Jones

Date: September 11 1963
Description: A woman is smiling while posing with her right leg lifted. She is wearing a dress and standing in front of a fireplace and wood-paneled wall. Caption reads...

Richard F. Redfield in Costume

Date: January 24 1958
Description: A man is posing in a leather fringed costume and fur cap, with what appears to be a fake beard. He is holding two dead animals up in his right hand. Two ot...

Wisconsin Education Association Annual Meeting

Date: November 04 1966
Description: A woman wearing a leopard-print coat and a scarf over her head is looking at a person in the foreground on the left. Caption reads: "Teachers, arms laden w...

State Board of Health and Vital Statistics

Date: 1908
Description: Seven people are posing together. The women are wearing coats and dresses, and the man in the center is wearing a coat and necktie. The postcard was addres...

International Designer Fashion Show

Date: March 23 1979
Description: Two women are posing in the foreground. In the background is a woman modeling clothing while standing on a stage. Caption reads: "FASHION'S OUTLOOK for spr...


Date: February 15 1989
Description: Two girls are posing while wearing swimsuits and sandals; one girl is sitting on a wicker bench, and the other girl is siting on a towel in front. Caption...

Formal Dress Contest

Date: November 24 1954
Description: Two young women are holding up four sketches of dresses. Caption reads: "Modest formal dresses were sketched in a contest for pupils of Milwaukee Ca...

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