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Mrs. L. Fairchild's Court Dress

Date: 1945
Description: A woman is standing and posing in a formal dress. Caption reads: "Mrs. L[ucius] [Frances] Fairchild's Court Dress worn by Mrs. Walter [Madge] Goodland, Gov...

"Minorettes" Quartet in Costume

Date: 05 01 1951
Description: Four women are posing in costume. Caption reads: "The 'Minorettes' Quartet who sang for the 50th anniversary banquet of the Madison Art Association Memoria...

The Nautical Look

Date: 02 15 1989
Description: Three children are posing together on a wicker bench. Caption reads: "The nautical look is an important spring theme in children's wear, and it could mean ...

Doris Minow in Golf Attire

Date: 06 03 1962
Description: A woman is posing in an outfit, holding a golf club. A large group of women are sitting in chairs at tablesin the background. Caption reads: "Today's go...

Donna Drott

Date: 11 28 1968
Description: A woman is posing in a fur coat and ski gear. Caption reads: "DONNA DROTT DISPLAYS HER FAVORITE ENSEMBLE..."

Courtney Thomey and Jenni Pemberton

Date: 04 12 1989
Description: A young man in a tuxedo and a young woman in a dress are posing on a staircase, with a bamboo plant behind them. Caption reads: "Courtney Thomey and Jenni ...

Parkinson Home on Ludington Street

Description: Five women are posing in front of a house on a stoop and porch. They are all wearing hats, skirts, and blouses, and one woman is sitting in a rocking chair...

Graduation Barn Dance

Date: 06 09 1978
Description: Six children are standing and posing on a barn floor. Behind them in the hayloft, and sitting in the background near an open barn door are children and adu...

Popular Footwear of Women

Date: 05 09 1956
Description: A man is holding a shoe for a woman to look at. She is resting her left foot on a shoe fitting bench. Another man is sitting nearby looking at her. They ar...

Floral Print Dresses

Date: 02 15 1989
Description: Three girls are sitting on a wicker chair, and wearing floral print dresses. The middle girl is holding a parasol over the three of them. Caption reads: "F...

Scott Lawson's Soda Can Dress

Date: 05 09 1989
Description: A man is standing and posing wearing a dress and crown made from Coca-Cola and Diet Coke cans. Caption reads: "Scott Lawson models a dress he made from sod...

Hiking Suit

Date: 04 11 1917
Description: A woman is standing and posing near a wicker chair. She is wearing a hat, coat, skirt, and has a cane tucked under her arm. Caption reads: "Smart hiking su...

Woman's Khaki Military Uniform

Date: 05 28 1917
Description: Waist-up portrait of a woman wearing a uniform and holding a rifle. Her helmet has a pin with the caduceus, as was used on the United States Army Medical D...

Straightline Navy Suit

Date: 05 23 1919
Description: Full-length portrait in front of a painted backdrop of a woman wearing a hat and dress, and holding a cane under her arm. Caption reads: "Straightline suit...

Trench Togs

Date: 05 24 1917
Description: Full-length portrait in front of a painted backdrop of a woman posing sitting on a chair and wearing a hat, coat with cape, and skirt. Caption reads: "Tren...

Bavarian Costume

Date: 07 01 1965
Description: One man and two women are posing holding glasses on the steps at the entrance of a building. One woman is sitting on a stone planter. Caption reads: "'W...

"High Society" Dress

Date: 06 05 1956
Description: A woman is modeling a dress with a shawl and a train. Behind her women are sitting at tables watching her go by. Caption reads: A dress worn by actress ...

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