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Cemetery Maintenance

Date: August 27 1980
Description: Slightly elevated view of a man mowing the lawn at the Veterans' Administration Wood National Cemetery.

Cemetery in France

Date: 1917
Description: A backdrop of farmland frames small white crosses arranged in a cemetery in France after World War I.

French Cemetery

Date: 1904
Description: Graves of Joseph Rolette and his daughter, Elizabeth. Rolette died in 1842. The cemetery itself may date as early as the middle of the 17th Century.

Examining Vandalized Tombstones

Date: May 21 1979
Description: Two women are standing between rows of gravestones in a cemetery. Some of the gravestones have been knocked over. One woman is pointing over her shoulder w...

Veterans Memorial Mound, Holy Sepulcher Cemetery

Date: October 16 1962
Description: View towards a group of people standing in a cemetery around an altar and a flagpole with an American flag. A clergyman in an alb and chasuble standing in...

Cemetery Trim

Date: June 14 1984
Description: A man is using a lawn mower between rows of gravestones. He has turned from it and is looking at the ground. Caption reads: "CEMETERY TRIM - Roger Reif, of...

Unearthed Vault at Riverside Cemetery

Date: 1982
Description: Two men in suits are standing in a cemetery, looking at a metal grave vault. The vault is supported by two wooden beams. Caption reads: "A 12 gauge Clark m...

View in Mound Cemetery

Date: 1888
Description: View towards a wooden walkway over a stone wall, perhaps a spillway, crossing a body of water. A bridge is in the background.

Wisconsin Memorial Park

Date: November 21 1931
Description: View of a wrought iron structure in an "island" garden in the middle of an entryway, with the Great Memorial Building in the background.

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