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Aerial View of EAA Convention

Date: 1988
Description: Aerial view of the 1988 EAA (Experimental Aviation Association) Convention and Fly-in at Wittman Field. On the ground is the Concorde and a B-1 Bomber.

Experimental W-4 tractor

Date: 06 29 1939
Description: Engineering photograph of an experimental W-4 tractor. Three-quarter view towards front right.

Harvesting Grain with a No. 8 Harvester-Thresher

Date: 07 22 1926
Description: Farmer harvesting grain with a McCormick-Deering tractor and a No. 8 harvester-thresher (combine). Original caption reads: "Equipped with grain tank this e...

Wrapping Packages at Harvester Press

Date: 03 26 1925
Description: Men packaging print publications at Harvester Press, International Harvester's in-house print shop.

St. Catherine's Academy

Date: 1888
Description: Exterior view of St. Catherine's Academy. Caption reads: "St. Catherine's Academy."

Champion Machine

Date: 1910
Description: A farmer uses a horse-drawn Champion mower in field.

Manufacturing Cream Separators at Milwaukee Works

Date: 1910
Description: Factory workers assemble cream separators at International Harvester's Milwaukee Works.

No. 5 Harvester-Thresher

Date: 07 15 1925
Description: No. 5 harvester-thresher (combine) in a field.

Factory Workers at Akron Works

Date: 1910
Description: Two factory workers stand near a furnace at International Harvester's Akron Works. Piles of parts are in the foreground.

Titan 15-30 H.P. at Work in Field

Date: 1916
Description: Men plow a field using an International Harvester Titan 15-30 kerosene tractor and a P&O plow. The men were likely participating in a demonstration or show...

Evansville, Indiana Branch House

Date: 1912
Description: International Harvester branch house.

Woman with Barrels of Fresh Vegetables and Produce

Date: 1910
Description: Woman in a printed blouse and skirt tying a bundle of vegetables with teeth and hands. Barrels of vegetables and other produce are set up in a large displa...

International Model F Standard Oil Truck

Date: 1917
Description: International model "F" truck operated by Standard Oil Co. A man in work clothes sits in the driver's seat. The side of the truck advertises Polarine ("Oil...

McCormick-Deering 6 Can Milk Cooler

Date: 10 28 1936
Description: A older man stands next to a McCormick-Deering milk cooler. Handwritten notes identify the photograph as being taken in Bowling Green, Missouri, and the ma...

International Model G Truck on Brick-Paved Street

Date: 1919
Description: An International model "G" truck is near a curb on a brick-paved street, with many buildings in the background. The street corner is just behind the truck ...

International Fire Truck Parked Outside Residence

Date: 1916
Description: View from across the street of an International Model F or 31 truck used as a fire engine. The truck is parked outside a suburban residence. A young girl s...

International Confectionery Truck

Date: 1913
Description: International Model M truck operated by R.E. Neihaus confections. The side of the truck advertises Dolly Varden chocolates. The rear door bears text: "Eat ...

McCormick-Deering Power Drive Harvester-Thresher

Date: 07 06 1926
Description: Two men working with a McCormick-Deering Power Drive harvester-thresher (combine) in a field. Decals and/or stencils are on the machine.

McCormick-Deering M-11-H Cotton Picker

Date: 1947
Description: Left side view of a man driving a McCormick-Deering cotton picker M-11-H in a field. Decals and/or stencils are on the machine. The picker is mounted on a ...

McCormick-Deering One-Row Corn Picker

Date: 1930
Description: Man pulling McCormick-Deering one-row corn picker with a farm wagon in a cornfield.

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