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Boy with Fawn

Description: Young boy petting a fawn deer.

Farmall F-10 Tractor

Date: March 17 1932
Description: Engineering photograph of a Farmall F-10 tractor parked outside a factory building.

Manitowoc Railroad Yard

Date: May 15 1897
Description: Elevated view of the Chicago & Northwestern Railway yards looking northwest. The elevator of the Northern Grain Company is in the middle distance.

Packaging Print Materials at Harvester Press

Date: 1920
Description: Workers packaging publications in the offices of Harvester Press, International Harvester's in-house print shop.

Dayton Street

Date: July 1950
Description: Cars parked at 943-945 East Dayton Street.

International Transtar Eagle Truck

Date: 1981
Description: Color studio three-quarter view from front of the driver's side of an International Transtar Eagle semi tractor. The truck features a brown and tan color s...

View Across River of Victory

Description: View across the river of various shoreline buildings in Victory.

Harvesting with a Deering Grain Binder

Date: July 25 1913
Description: A farmer uses a horse-drawn Deering grain binder in a field.

Experimental Motor Grain Binder

Date: 1915
Description: A man operates an experimental motor-driven grain binder.

"Mr. Haney" Lying Next to Tractor

Date: 1919
Description: "Mr. Haney" lies down in a field beside an International tractor.

Diesel Machine Shop in Milwaukee Works

Date: June 25 1937
Description: Factory workers run machines in the Diesel [Engine] Machine Shop at Milwaukee Works.

International Model 63 Coal Truck

Date: July 03 1926
Description: International Model 63 dump truck operated by the Westchester Coal Company. The truck is parked in front of an International Harvester dealership building.

Road Construction with Excavator and Trucks

Date: 1930
Description: Road construction crews use an excavator to dig while two dump trucks drive by in the background. The trucks are likely Internationals.

International Model 63 Oil Company Trucks

Date: May 12 1927
Description: International Model 63 trucks parked on a dirt street. According to the original caption, the trucks were owned by C. Whitie Parsons, of Borger, Texas. The...

Model S Trucks in the Snow

Date: March 17 1927
Description: Two International Model S trucks with snow chains on their tires parked outside a barn. A sign on one of the trucks reads: "WM N. Hall, Allegany, NY."

IH Window Display

Date: February 19 1927
Description: Various pieces of agricultural equipment sit on display in the window of The Winchester Store along with advertisements for the Primrose ball-bearing cream...

Rocky Roost

Date: 1915
Description: Rocky Roost, located west of Governor's Island, Lake Mendota. Robert Lamp, in 1902, had his friend Frank Lloyd Wright design a cottage to be called "Rocky...

First Attempt to Enter Central High School by the Little Rock Nine

Date: September 04 1957
Description: First attempt of the Little Rock Nine to enter Central High School. They were denied entrance by the Arkansas National Guard who had been called up by Gove...

Emerson-Brantingham Factory

Date: February 25 1924
Description: Slightly elevated view of machinery and machine parts in a large room. The machinery is belt driven from overhead. Light is flooding in from the windows an...

Man Taking Down Tree with Tractor

Date: 1918
Description: A farmer has chained his International 15-30 or 12-24(?) tractor to a tree to pull it down.

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