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Outdoor Country Feast

Date: 1915
Description: View down long table set up outdoors for a feast. Men are standing on both sides, and a young girl is standing between two men on the right.

Automobiles Parked Along Rural Road

Date: 1918
Description: Automobiles, including a Ford runabout, parked along a rural dirt road for an International Harvester Agricultural Extension Department short course and ma...

International Auto Wagon

Date: February 1910
Description: 1910 International Auto Wagon with removable top parked on a snow and ice-covered street or lot.

D.M. Osborne & Co. Dealership Building

Description: Storefront of D.M. Osborne & Company dealership building. The words "harrows," "rakes," and "mowers" are painted on the windows. Strands of binder twine ar...

Holy Hill

Date: 1955
Description: View from Holy Hill.

State Tuberculosis Sanatorium

Date: 1925
Description: View of the Oneida cottage for women at the State Tuberculosis Sanatorium.

Midway Barns

Date: 1945
Description: View of the Midway Barns, constructed in 1938 on the farmland adjoining Taliesin, Frank Lloyd Wright's residence and architectural school complex. Taliesin...

Memorial Union Terrace

Date: 1952
Description: University of Wisconsin-Madison Memorial Union Terrace with Lake Mendota and sailboats in the background.

Library Booth at Wisconsin State Fair

Date: 1922
Description: Booth at the Wisconsin State Fair promoting the Wisconsin Free Library Commission.

Two Faces of the UPWA

Date: 1948
Description: Two members of United Packinghouse Workers Local 1124 in New Orleans on strike against the Colonial Sugar Company. They graphically symbolize the UPWA's d...

Meat Cutters

Date: 1945
Description: Unionized slaughterhouse workers of the P. Brennan Company of Chicago.

Swift Workers on Strike

Date: September 1959
Description: Striking members of United Packinghouse Workers Local 167 on strike outside the Swift & Co. plant in St. Paul.

Horse-Drawn Corn Picker

Date: 1915
Description: Farmers with a horse-drawn corn picker.

International Harvester Titan

Date: 1923
Description: Titan tractor outside a factory building.

International Titan 30-60 Tractor

Date: 1915
Description: A man is sitting in an International Harvester Titan 30-60 tractor outside a factory building.

Titan Tractor

Date: 1915
Description: A man is sitting in a Titan tractor near a factory building. Bins of machinery parts are in the background.

Harvesting with Corn Binder

Date: 1912
Description: A farmer driving a team of three horses to harvest corn with a corn binder.

Corn Binder

Date: 1910
Description: A farmer operating a horse-drawn corn binder in a field. Buildings are in the background.


Date: 1917
Description: A farmer is using a large team of mules and horses to pull a harvester-thresher (combine) through a field.

Loading a Husker-Shredder

Date: 1905
Description: A group of men loading corn husks into a husker-shredder near a barn.

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