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Build Your Business By Advertising

Date: 1928
Description: Advertising blotter for McCormick-Deering dealers. The blotter encourages dealers to advertise their business and products to help increase sales.

Fortified Village of Aztalan

Date: 1955
Description: Artist's conception of ancient village of Aztalan, fortified with high walls surrounding it.

Standard Oil Bulk Plant

Date: 1930
Description: Standard Oil Company's bulk plant on North Broadway Street with trains and tracks, and a train station.

Buildings in Wausaukee

Date: 1907
Description: B.C. Flint's Jewelry Shop and the George Ullsperger tailor shop. The large building is Matt Pelnar's Hall (built by John Kallender). It was used for basket...

Menasha Dam and Fox River

Description: View from the south end of the dam looking north.

Drawing of The Republican National Convention

Description: Two drawings of The National Republican Convention Headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, at the Grand Pacific Hotel. The Blaine Headquarters.
Book or Pamphlet

Russell Tractor Factory

Date: 1919
Description: Page of a pamphlet advertising Russell tractors made by Russell & Company. The page features a bird's-eye view drawing of the Russell factory along with th...

Wichita Tractor Company Advertisement

Date: 1919
Description: Advertisement for the Wichita tractor featuring a side view photograph of the machine and text reading: "The Wichita. Note carefully the accessibility of a...

Andrews Tractor Side View

Date: 1918
Description: Side view of the Andrews tractor. The text above the illustration reads: "Examine the Andrews Tractor Construction in this Side View."
Book or Pamphlet

Andrew Tractor Plowing

Date: 1918
Description: Pamphlet advertising the Andrews tractor, featuring a photograph of a man using a tractor to plow a field. The caption beneath the photograph reads: "Right...

Two-Oared Sculling

Date: 1890
Description: Slightly elevated view across water towards the starting line of a two-oared scull race on Geneva Lake. At the front of the line a judge wearing a dark jac...

Tercentennial Celebration, Green Bay

Date: July 1934
Description: View across lawn towards people standing in front of a large theater stage and backdrop with trees drawn on it. Some are costumed as soldiers and some as N...

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