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Shooting for the Moon

Date: 05 14 1963
Description: Lunar trajectory paths and computations on a blackboard are discussed by employees of Milwaukee's Astronautics, Inc.

Ultimate Hi-Fi System

Date: 08 12 1958
Description: Urbane gentleman shows off his sophisticated high fidelity wall system with reel-to-reel tape deck, reels of tape, and record albums.

Office Work

Date: 1950
Description: Women office workers file and take phone calls in a busy shared work space.

Big Baby

Date: 10 04 1958
Description: A new mother is looking on as her 13-pound newborn infant is weighed by the nurse.

March of Dimes Contribution

Date: 01 05 1955
Description: A toddler is inserting a dime into a March of Dimes collection board as her mother is holding her in her arms and looking on. The collection is to raise mo...

McCormick Reaper Models at Paris Exposition

Date: 1900
Description: Scale models of McCormick reapers on display in the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company exhibit at the Paris Exposition in France.

Transamerican Airlines Schedule

Date: 04 01 1932
Description: A schedule of Transamerican Airlines covering its service to Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, and other Great Lakes cities. The unfolded schedule depicts two p...

Twins Enjoy Suckers

Date: 07 21 1958
Description: Three-year-old twins at an annual twins picnic licking lollipops.

Communing with the Turtle

Date: 05 07 1967
Description: A boy is holding a turtle close to his face and gazing into its eyes.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Date: 04 17 1957
Description: An elderly woman, Josephine Fell, is the "adopted grandmother" to a Girl Scout that visits her and works with her on a puzzle at Rosemary's Nursing Home in...

Confined to Bed

Date: 08 28 1960
Description: An insurance executive carries on with work after he was hit by a car, dictating letters to his secretary from his hospital bed, with his leg in traction.

Assembly Work

Date: 1950
Description: A woman looks over parts used as bases for miniature Christmas trees.

Public Works Department

Date: 12 1954
Description: Department of Public Works workers look over signs to be posted on city streets.

Sliding into Second Base

Date: 06 23 1963
Description: Boy hits second base while baseman comes down from catching a high throw.

Five Cent Beer

Date: 08 20 1963
Description: Knights of Columbus member celebrates at an annual "gay nineties" party. He stands next to a sign that advertises beer at five cents a glass.

Swearing Allegiance

Date: 05 02 1963
Description: During part of a ceremony, citizens raise their right hands and swear allegiance to the United States in the federal building to receive citizenship certif...

Around a Desk

Date: 02 26 1963
Description: Four students sit around one flip-top desk to read and work math problems.

Joseph McCarthy in a Pensive Mood

Date: 11 1946
Description: A vigorous campaigner, Joseph R. McCarthy relaxes in front of a log cabin fireplace after his electoral campaign.

General MacArthur and Family

Date: 05 20 1951
Description: General Douglas MacArthur with his wife, Jean, and son, Arthur upon his return to the United States after being relieved as Commander of U.S. forces in Asi...

Weighing In

Date: 06 1958
Description: A little girl watching as a healthcare worker slides the weights along a balance beam scale to measure her weight.

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