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Camp at Michipicoton

Date: 1850
Description: View of Michipicoton, Ontario on Lake Superior showing a village with log structures and tents. Fishing nets are drying on poles.

Pic Island from Camp Porphyry

Date: 1850
Description: Pic Island on the north shore of Lake Superior.

Vin Fiz Flies Again?

Date: May 11 1913
Description: The 1911 Wright Model B rebuilt by Jesse Brabazon of Delavan and his partner-mechanic, Frank Shaffer. Brabazon, who is in the pilot's seat, is about to tak...

Vintage Airplanes

Date: July 27 1988
Description: Vintage aircraft always attract attention. In 1988 on their way to the EAA convention, the national organization of owners of World War II trainers made a...

Train Wreck

Date: September 09 1881
Description: Wreck of the Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis and Omaha railroad line on the Teegarten farm near Menomonie. Dead cows are in the foreground.

First Passenger Train at Merrill

Date: May 18 1885
Description: Elevated view of the first passenger train to arrive at Merrill, a Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway train. The passengers are waiting on a platform an...

Jucker House

Date: 1900
Description: View of the Jucker house on the Fox River.

Wilson House in Chippewa Falls

Date: 1920
Description: Wilson House at 320 Superior Street. The house was owned by the proprietor of Wilson's Wholesale Grocery.

Log Jam on St. Croix River

Date: 1886
Description: A log jam near the Dalles on the St. Croix River.

Fox and East River Confluence

Date: 1920
Description: View of the Fox and East River confluence. On the right is the Northern Paper Mill, and a coal yard is to the left.

Harbor and Grain Elevator

Date: 1920
Description: View of the harbor. On the left is a grain elevator and wood pulp on the wharf. In the center background is the Northern Paper Mills and to the right are...

Fox River Shoreline

Date: 1920
Description: Fox River shoreline along the railroad tracks.

Alarm at Humboldt

Date: July 28 1862
Description: The alarm at Humboldt, Tennessee, July 28th, 1862. A watercolor by John Gaddis of the 12th Wisconsin Volunteers Company E.

Across Bridge in Winneconne

Date: 1875
Description: View down unpaved street in Winneconne towards the bridge from the east side of town. Storefronts on the left have signs for "Stoves & Tinware" and "Harnes...

Chippewa Indian Lodge

Description: Drawing of a Chippewa (Ojibwa) Indian lodge with an American flag flying outside of it.

Barber Home

Date: 1930
Description: The home of Joel Allen Barber, who helped frame the present constitution of Wisconsin.

Marion Park Club House

Date: 1906
Description: The land and house were donated to the village. The club house is still in use (1964) as a publicaly owned building for recreation and meetings. Image show...

Trappers Leaving Hunting Grounds

Description: Drawing of trappers on leaving their hunting grounds.

Schadauer Cigar Factory

Date: 1885
Description: View of the J. Schadauer Cigar Facotory at 216 State Street. In front of the factory, a mother and children stand.

The Veterans' Administration Hospital

Date: 1951
Description: The Veterans' Administration Hospital, located at 2500 Overlook Terrace.

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