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Brown's Apothecary

Date: February 05 1946
Description: Exterior view of H. Pierce Brown's Apothecary.

Druggist in Laboratory

Date: February 05 1946
Description: Druggist H. Pierce Brown reads a prescription in his laboratory.

Brown's Apothecary Office

Date: February 05 1946
Description: Office area of Brown's Apothecary. Of note is the cabinet of feminine hygiene products on the left.
Book or Pamphlet

Deering & Company Catalog Cover

Date: 1893
Description: Cover of an advertising catalog for William Deering & Company featuring chromolithograph illustrations of the Deering factory, the grain center of the worl...

High Lake in Boscobel

Date: 1940
Description: View down steep hill through trees towards a rowboat tied to a pier on High Lake, with the far shoreline in the distance.

Harbor Scene

Date: 1935
Description: Harbor view along side of bridge, with people strolling around the bay, cars parked in a lot, and buildings with companies that export and import merchandi...

Anti-Rosenberg Demonstrators

Date: 1951
Description: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were convicted of spying for the Soviet Union on March 29, 1951, and sentenced to death. The climate surrounding their trial wa...

Reaper Centennial Medallion

Date: 1931
Description: Front side of International Harvester's reaper centennial medallion (or coin), featuring an image of Cyrus Hall McCormick, the words: "Inventor of the Reap...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Description: Photographic holiday card from Marie and Averell Harriman. Mr. Harriman was governor of New York 1955-1958, U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union 1943-1946,...

Coonskin Haircut

Date: 1955
Description: Composite photograph of a boy and his barber. The front view shows the boy holding a coonskin cap popularized at the time by the Davy Crockett television p...

Letter of Introduction for Frank Lenz

Date: May 18 1892
Description: Letter of introduction for Frank G. Lenz of Pittsburgh and his agent Robert Bruce to Secretary of Agriculture Jeremiah Rusk. The letter is on The Outing Co...

Fire on Wabash Avenue

Date: January 28 1918
Description: Streams of water from fire hoses are trained into the upper windows of a storefront which is encased in thick ice. A written description of this photograph...

Sons of Temperance Withdrawal

Date: 1857
Description: A certificate acknowledging the admission of Frederick Beermein to Sons of Temperance.

George Brumder Home

Date: 1892
Description: View across lawn, covered partially with snow, towards the Grand Avenue (later Wisconsin Avenue) facade of the George Brumder home at the corner of 18th St...

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