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Ellen Lloyd Jones

Date: 1898
Description: Ellen Lloyd Jones (also known as Aunt Nell), co-founder of the Hillside Home School, an early progressive school in Wisconsin.

Jane Lloyd Jones

Date: 1898
Description: Jane Lloyd Jones (also known as Aunt Jen), co-owner of the Hillside Home School, an early progressive school in Wisconsin.

Sheehy's Prescription Area

Date: February 20 1941
Description: Druggist Maurice Sheehy in his drugstore's prescription department.

Tesiero Pharmacy

Date: August 22 1941
Description: Exterior view of Tesiero Pharmacy.

Goodyear "America" Blimp Landing in Field

Date: 1969
Description: Goodyear "America" blimp lands after final ground check in a field near Wingfoot Lake. The blimp is tied to portable landing mast with generator, machine...

Milk — The Best Bargain

Date: 1963
Description: Milton C. Geuther, Illinois American Dairy Association Manager, holding a glass of milk in one hand and a bag of cow manure in the other. Geuther claimed t...

International Model 1310 Ambulance

Date: 1973
Description: International Model 1310 ambulance at midday in the downtown area.

Men in Log Rolling Contest

Description: Two men competing in a log rolling contest.

Sears Roebuck Fireless Cookers

Date: 1915
Description: Sears Roebuck catalog page of heating radiator, kettles, and pans.

Playing House

Date: January 16 1964
Description: A young girl watches out the door of her playhouse while a young boy retrieves letters from the play mailbox.

Newborn Chick

Date: March 19 1963
Description: Eggbert, the baby chick, waits for his siblings to hatch in a home incubator, under the watchful eyes of a young boy and girl.

First Aid Kits

Date: May 09 1955
Description: Seventh grade students putting together first aid kits to have at home.

Garden Party

Date: July 12 1970
Description: A woman in a polka-dotted suit chats with two men wearing wildly-patterned slacks and sport coats at a summer party. A man plays drums in the background.

First Locomotive

Description: Locomotive with barrels of cargo, sits on the tracks. The caption reads: "First Locomotive, 1831".

Kids Drawing

Date: May 02 1964
Description: Sitting on the school lawn, students draw Highway 51, Marathon Mill, Rib mountain and the Wisconsin River.

Man and Mermaid

Date: August 21 1963
Description: Couple poses behind carnival cutout of a sailor and mermaid.

Sharing Toys

Date: September 18 1963
Description: Boy holds toy gun and looks at electric train set and toy train with older man.

Stonefield Village

Date: 1965
Description: Rear view of a couple sitting in a horse-drawn buggy which is driving through a covered bridge at Stonefield Village. Buildings and trees are in the distan...

Tower Hill State Park

Date: 1845
Description: A pencil drawing of Tower HIll complex.

Normal School, River Falls, Wisconsin

Date: 1872
Description: State Normal School.

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