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First Unemployment Check in Wisconsin

Date: 08 17 1936
Description: Neils Ruud, 824 E. Dayton Street, receiving the first unemployment compensation check issued in Wisconsin from Voyta Wrabetz, chairman of the state industr...

American Inventors

Date: 1900
Description: Cigar box label with portraits of inventors Thomas Edison, Eli Whitney, Robert Fulton, Cyrus McCormick, Richard March Hoe. Around the edges are illustratio...

Paving North Main Street

Date: 1901
Description: A crew of construction workers paving North Main Street with brick.

Unloading the Arkansas

Date: 1870
Description: The sternwheel packet, Arkansas, loaded with gunny sacks of wheat taken between 1872 and 1878. Men are unloading barrels and gunny sacks on a gangpl...

Lady Elgin Docked

Date: 1859
Description: Lithograph from Frank Leslie's Illustrated News of the sidewheel passenger, Lady Elgin, at her wharf in Chicago, Illinois in 1860. From a pho...

Red Cross Excursion Leaving Bellevue

Date: 1912
Description: Elevated view of the sternwheel excursion, "G.W. Hill," leaving Bellevue with a Red Cross Excursion. Later named "Island Maid."

The "South American"

Date: 07 1928
Description: The screw passenger cruise vessel, "South American," underway.

Willson Monarch Remedies Wagon

Date: 1935
Description: Two salesmen stand beside one of the Willson's Monarch Remedies horse-drawn wagons. Willson's sold patent medicines, spices, extracts, flavorings, and "toi...

Bird's-Eye View of Milwaukee

Date: 1853
Description: Bird's-eye map of Milwaukee looking east toward Lake Michigan from a bluff, long since graded into a slope, at about 6th Street between Wisconsin Avenue an...

Woman with Toasters

Description: Woman comparing toaster wattages.

Miners and Mules at Iron Mine

Description: Miners and a mule work outside an iron mine near Mayville.

Joseph McCarthy

Date: 04 08 1951
Description: Senator Joseph R. McCarthy speaking.

Telephone Switchboard and Operators

Date: 1920
Description: Women work on nine-place telephone switchboard that served 1,145 single-line flat-rate telephones originating 10 calls per day, on average.

Monona Bay in Madison

Date: 1904
Description: Monona Bay from the railroad trestle looking southwest, close to where the railroad tracks cross North Shore Drive, (now Brittingham Park), with old houses...

Wisners Tiger — The King of Rakes

Description: Chromolithograph advertisement for Wisner's Tiger Sulky Hay Rake, featuring a color illustration of a woman riding a hay dump rake pulled by a tiger. They ...

Girl and Three Young Men

Date: 03 15 1946
Description: Teenage girl with three young men, one in uniform, at a soda fountain. The boys are admiring her necklace and bracelet.

Dobby's Cosmo Club

Date: 07 16 1943
Description: Dobby's Cosmo Club, owned by John C. Dobson, Route 1, Mendota, Wisconsin, interior view of the bar showing liquor bottles and three World War II servicemen...

East High School Girls Modern Dance

Date: 04 18 1935
Description: Seven girls performing a modern dance on stage.

East High School Boy's Basketball Team

Date: 03 18 1935
Description: Group portrait of eleven male East High School basketball players in uniform, and a coach and two assistants.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Date: 1858
Description: Elevated view from bluff looking down on city, with Lake Michigan in background. Detailed foreground with two boys playing with a grounded kite, while a ma...

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