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Young Boy in Blizzard

Date: March 08 1961
Description: Winter scene with close-up shot of a young boy in hat and scarf, covered in snow.

Dairy Exterior

Description: Exterior view of a dairy. Two cars and a horse-drawn wagon loaded with milk cans are parked in front of building.

John Muir

Date: 1899
Description: A studio portrait of naturalist, conservationist, and writer John Muir.

Downtown Ashland

Date: 1891
Description: Elevated view looking west from the Knight Block. The Chequamegon Hotel and harbor are in the background.

Sentry's Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Department

Date: February 14 1985
Description: A display of fruit and vegetables in the East Side Foods Sentry store.

Mowing the Lawn with Baby

Date: May 05 1985
Description: Father carrying his infant son on his back while mowing the lawn.

Out of Action

Date: January 13 1967
Description: Dejected skier at home with cast and crutches, after breaking her leg practicing for competition.

Pickled Peppers

Date: November 21 1963
Description: A variety of canned and fresh peppers is artfully displayed by the woman who serves them to her family and gives them as gifts.

My Future Was. . . Farming

Date: January 28 1985
Description: Farm family youth demonstrates to call awareness to the economic problems facing the family farm.

Woodrow Wilson at Shadow Lawn

Date: October 28 1916
Description: Woodrow Wilson campaigning for his second term as president. He is wearing a leather finger protector due to injury from too many handshakes that accompani...

Vinnie Ream Hoxie

Description: Painting of Vinnie Ream Hoxie, Wisconsin sculptor.

Punch Pressing Handles

Date: November 27 1967
Description: A machinist running a punch press at Res Manufacturing Company.

Fancy Wedding Cake

Date: June 26 1955
Description: Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Braatz top off the 26-layer wedding cake that Mrs. Braatz made for their daughter's wedding.

Washerwomen of Etretat

Date: 1883
Description: Engraving of a woman carrying a bundle of clothing and standing with her back to the sea. Behind her other women are in the process of doing wash in the wa...
Book or Pamphlet

Beloit Harvester and Twine Binder Catalog

Date: 1882
Description: Cover of an advertising catalog for the Beloit harvester and twine binder manufactured by the Parker-Dennett Harvesting Machine Company. The cover features...

Boys' Fashions

Description: A young boy models a white linen suit with wide belt, embroidered collar, and silk cord tie.

Corralled Hogs

Date: July 16 1987
Description: Four boys trap hogs to get them into their stalls at the Waukesha County Fair.

Cook's Choice

Date: March 19 1964
Description: A chef wearing a toque removes a roast from the oven.

Sweet Pastry

Date: November 15 1963
Description: Pastry maker removes oil with baster from pan of baked baklava against the backdrop of a map of Armenia.

Rock Show

Date: May 12 1963
Description: Three boys take a break from baseball to view the Wisconsin Geological Society's rock, gem and mineral show at Wauwatosa's Hart park recreational building.

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