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Main Street on the Square

Date: 1900
Description: View down Main Street on the Capitol Square. Caption reads: "Main Street, looking West."

Albion College Campus

Date: 1905
Description: View across lawn and trees towards college buildings. Caption reads: "Campus, Albion, Wis."

Gays Mills

Date: 1946
Description: Elevated view from hill of Gays Mills. Tree-covered hills are in the distance.

Union Congregational Church

Date: 1880
Description: The Union Congregational Church, built in 1862.

Hopkins Gardens

Date: 07 21 1946
Description: The gardens behind the residence of Johns Hopkins, an artist from Whitehall.

Ross' Teal Lake Lodge

Date: 1930
Description: Cars parked at Ross' Teal Lake Lodge.

Cedar Creek Road

Date: 1914
Description: Horse-drawn wagon on Cedar Creek Road in Brown County. The road is dirt and there are houses in the backgound.

Madison Soap Box Derby

Date: 04 22 1947
Description: Micheal "Mickey" Lathers, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Lathers, Jr. (Gladys), 216 Virgina Terrace. Micheal is pointing to a sign in a window, "Register Here...

Milwaukee Hospital

Date: 1930
Description: Elevated view of main hospital building on the top of a hill. Two other buildings are on the right, the one in the foreground a large house.

Wooden School House

Description: Public school built in 1856 and destroyed by fire on December 15, 1925. The bell tower has a small balcony.

Association Hall

Date: 1930
Description: A six-story building on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Lake Mendota is in the background. This was also the YMCA building.

Wisconsin State Capitol from Bascom Hill

Date: 1947
Description: Winter scene with the Wisconsin State Capitol building from Bascom Hill on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. Trees line the path on both sides of...

Eleanor Roosevelt Speaks for SCEF

Date: 05 26 1959
Description: Eleanor Roosevelt speaks at a fund-raising event for SCEF, the Southern Conference Educational Fund, held at the Hotel Delmonico. She praised SCEF particul...

Wisconsin General Hospital

Date: 1927
Description: Front entrance view of the Wisconsin General Hospital.

Chippewa Tavern

Date: 1943
Description: Exterior view of the Chippewa Tavern, a two-story building with two main doorways. The door on the right has a sign that says "Rooms," while the door on th...

Dock and Shoreline at Log Cabin Lodge

Date: 1935
Description: View from water of the dock and steep shoreline at Log Cabin Lodge on Lake Millicent. There are people and boats both on shore and on the dock.

Log Cabin Lodge People at Picnic Table

Date: 1937
Description: Three men, one woman and one child sit on lawn chairs and at a picnic table outside under the trees at Log Cabin Lodge on Lake Millicent. Three cabins are ...

Dock and Diving Board

Date: 1938
Description: View from water of seven men, women and children standing on the shoreline at Log Cabin Lodge looking out over a diving board and dock on Lake Millicent. T...

People on Dock at Log Cabin Lodge

Date: 1938
Description: One woman stands on shore at Log Cabin Lodge looking at the photographer. Eight people sit on the dock, while two men are standing in Lake Millicent. Three...

Log Cabin Lodge, People on Dock

Date: 1938
Description: Nine people and one dog on the dock at Log Cabin Lodge on Lake Millicent. One man is swimming on the far side of the dock. The shoreline and three boats ar...

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