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Baking Bread for Communion

Date: 09 25 1963
Description: Elevated view of two women, one pulling loaves of bread from the oven and the other glazing crusts in the church kitchen.

Fixing a Bicycle Wheel

Date: 06 16 1988
Description: One boy steadies a bike while his friend tightens the nut on the front wheel to complete a tire repair.

Richmond McCormick Harvesting Machine Co. Dealership

Date: 1899
Description: Elevated view from across street of men posing with farm and lawn equipment along the storefront of a McCormick Harvesting Machine Company dealership. Thre...

Print Shop

Date: 1874
Description: Lithograph from Plate 12 in "Prang's Aids for Object Teaching-Trades & Occupations."

Men's Fashions

Date: 12 18 1966
Description: A man models what was touted as the latest styles for men.

Girls with Braids

Description: A line of girls, all with their hair in braids, stand with their backs to the camera.

Kraut Fest Celebrities

Date: 07 26 1981
Description: Maynard Entringer of South Milwaukee is awarded the World Championship of the Kraut Eating Contest by the Queen of the Kraut Festival, Sharon Kerkman of Bu...

Bridge and Downtown Buildings

Date: 1925
Description: View of bridge over Black River Falls, looking at downtown buildings.

Mrs. Major Belle Reynolds

Description: A sketch drawn from a formal photographic portrait of Mrs. Major Belle Reynolds. During the Civil War many women enlisted in armies or traveled with their ...

California Bee Aviary

Description: Bee aviary in the hills of California.

Frances Willard

Date: 01 08 1898
Description: The last photograph taken of Frances Willard, a leader in the temperance movement and women's activist in the Methodist church.

Strang Cottage

Description: Strang cottage in what was the town of Voree.

Daniel Steele Durrie, Librarian

Date: 1892
Description: Portrait of Daniel Steele Durrie (1819-1892), American librarian. Durrie served as the librarian for the State Historical Society of Wisconsin (now the Wis...

Trade Room in the Hudson Bay Company's Fort

Description: View through a window of Indians conversing with traders. Caption reads: "Trade-Room [sic], Hudson Bay Company's Fort, In The Plain Country".

McCormick-Deering Thermometer

Date: 05 17 1934
Description: A thermometer advertising an International Harvester dealership. The text on the thermometer reads: "South Arkansas Implement Company" and "McCormick-Deeri...

Yeomen International Truck

Date: 06 15 1926
Description: A man loading milk pails into an International truck used by the Yeomen City of Childhood. A large barn with a weathervane on the roof, a silo, and a small...

Sign Language Alphabet

Date: 1893
Description: Diagram depicting the alphabet in sign language.
Newspaper Article/Clipping

Margaret Mead Newspaper Article

Description: A newspaper photograph of Margaret Mead with an article about her appearance and speech at a Civics Club event.

Schlitz Ginger Ale, Label

Date: 1927
Description: Label submitted to the state of Wisconsin for trademark registration. "Schlitz, Pale Dry, Ginger Ale 'Will make your hospitality famous.'" The advertisemen...
Book or Pamphlet

Power Machinery Farming

Date: 1920
Description: Front cover of a booklet advertising the Aultman & Taylor Machinery Company's line of power farming machinery. The text on the cover reads: "Builders of th...

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