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Fitchburg Depot

Date: 1923
Description: Railway depot and railyard. Caption reads: "Depot and Yards Fitchburg, Wis."

State Street and the Wisconsin State Capitol

Date: 1936
Description: State Street view looking east from Johnson Street, towards the Wisconsin State Capitol. On the corner on the left is Glasgow Tailers, and further up the b...

Pilot Hugh Robinson and his Hydroplane

Date: 10 19 1911
Description: Pilot Hugh Robinson and his Curtiss hydroplane at Prairie du Chien during a flight that was intended to be the first all the way down the Mississippi River...

First to Fly — Almost Flying

Date: 1901
Description: Wilbur Wright (standing, second from the right) with Edward C. Huffaker, Octave Chanute, and George Spratt in the workshed. Chanute was a special visitor f...

Wausau Airport Groundbreaking

Date: 1928
Description: The groundbreaking ceremony for the new airport hangar at Wausau. Governor Fred R. Zimmerman, who can be seen on the right, (elevated above the crowd and w...

Surveying Fire Damage

Date: 02 1904
Description: A close-up of the damage caused to the third Wisconsin State Capitol by the fire of February 26-27, showing the first floor, and looking west through the R...

Camp of 22nd Wisconsin

Date: 1862
Description: Sketch of Boone's Knob and the Kentucky River, where Company A of the 22nd Wisconsin Infantry camped, November-December, 1862. The sketch was drawn by Priv...

Bridge over the Fox River

Date: 1960
Description: View of a bridge reaching across the Fox River.

Fox River

Date: 1960
Description: Elevated view looking down at the Fox River. On the left is a dam, and on the opposite shoreline is a factory.

Paper Mill

Date: 1960
Description: A paper and pulp mill in Appleton. The Interlake Pulp & Paper Mill of Appleton was absorbed by Consolidated Paper, Inc. in 1916, becoming their Interlake D...

Elevated View of Town

Date: 1899
Description: View of Bloomington, with a man in the foreground looking over the vista.

Brigham Farm Building in Ruin

Date: 06 1925
Description: View of three farm buildings - the one in the center is collapsing.

Central House in Boscobel

Date: 1920
Description: Exterior view from street of Central House, with advertisements on the side of the building for Red Crown Gasoline. The Order of the Gideons was founded he...

View of Brandon

Date: 1880
Description: Elevated view of town, including a church and multiple surrounding buildings.

Brule River Monument

Date: 1930
Description: Inscription of Brule River monument. Placed where the Brule River is crossed by the Memorial Highway from Superior to Brule and Ashland (Highway 2).

Cassville Residential Street

Date: 1908
Description: Snow-covered residential street with houses on each side.

Cazenovia Storefronts

Date: 1907
Description: View of storefronts, a dirt road, and a plank sidewalk. One of the storefronts is a restaurant. Caption reads: "Cazenovia, Wis."

Proxmire Campaigns for Reelection

Date: 02 1958
Description: Elected to the Senate in a special election in September 1957, to fill the unexpired term of Senator Joe McCarthy, William Proxmire was forced to begin a c...

Proxmire Walking Through Wisconsin in Winter

Date: 12 22 1972
Description: Senator William Proxmire walked thousands of miles in Wisconsin to meet constituents. Here he is, in a snowmobile suit, shaking hands with a woman outside ...

Bay State House

Date: 1895
Description: View down road with the Bay State House on the left. Three houses and a barbershop also line the street. A lamppost is in the left foreground. The Mississi...

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