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Lawson's Great Airliner

Date: 1921
Description: The completed Lawson L-4, the second and larger airplane designed and built by Alfred Lawson in Milwaukee in 1920. Not only was Lawson's airliner intended...

Reliability Tour

Date: 1928
Description: Race winners John P. Wood and Archie Towell, both of Wausau, during the National Air Reliability Tour's stop in Wausau.

Potowatomi Group

Description: A Potowatomi group consisting of David Nsa-waw-quet, his wife Margaret Nsa-waw-quet, and her sister Mary Wabanosay, or "Morning Walking." A young girl is...

Nichols House

Description: Exterior view of Nichols House with a group of people on and around the porch.

St. John Chrysostom Church

Date: 1900
Description: View of St. John Chrysostom Church.

Eau Claire House

Date: 1865
Description: The first Eau Claire House built in 1856. It burned down in 1875.

Ramsey Barn

Date: 1975
Description: View of the Ramsey barn, built in 1841 by William Barrie. The barn is now located at Old World Wisconsin in Eagle, Wisconsin.

Motorcycle Race

Description: A crowd is watching as a motorcycle racer prepares to cross the finish line. Although unidentified, the race is thought to have taken place at the State Fa...

Wisconsin Dells

Date: 1908
Description: Park in Wisconsin Dells. A large building is across the street on the left. Caption reads: "Kilbourn Wis".

Kiel Hotel

Date: 1870
Description: View across water towards the Kiel Hotel.

Bishop Baraga's Church

Date: 1870
Description: One of the etchings published in an atlas of Lake County, Illinios in 1870 by George Ogle. Etchings done by the Wisconsin Central Railroad.

North Lima Presbyterian Church

Date: 1947
Description: The North Lima Presbyterian Church.

Methodist Episcopal Church and Parsonage

Date: 1910
Description: Methodist Episcopal Church and parsonage built under Rev. G.N. Foster. Groups of people are standing on the entrance steps, and others are standing on the...

Octagon House

Date: 1950
Description: Interior view of the parlor of Richards' Octagon House.

Jesse Smith Tavern

Date: 1914
Description: View of the Jessie Smith Tavern, with a group of people and a horse-drawn carriage outside.

Trelawny Dining Room

Date: 1945
Description: The dining room in the Cornish miner's cottage on Shake Rag Street called Trelawny. The cottage was restored under the ownership of Robert M. Neal and is n...

Piening Home

Date: 1890
Description: The home of Adolph Piening on Hancock Street (near Eight Street). The house was next door to the German Lutheran School and this site now is used by the sc...

Parsonage of St. Paul's Methodist Church

Date: 1910
Description: The two-story parsonage of St. Paul's Methodist Church on 608 Park Street.

Madison High School

Date: June 1906
Description: Interior of Madison High School: Miss Flora Moseley's room.


Date: 1965
Description: Mapleside, 3500 University Avenue. This historic home was later demolished.

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