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Waiting in Line

Date: 09 2013
Description: The bronze and plaster sculpture by George Segal depiciting five men waiting in a bread line at a door. The sculpture is on the rooftop garden of the Madis...

At Water's Edge

Date: 09 2013
Description: View from shoreline of a lake. In the foreground is the trunk and branches of a fallen tree resting low in the rocks and grasses. In the distance is the fa...

Ferry Bluff

Date: 11 2013
Description: View down a small dirt path lined with grasses and trees along Ferry Bluff State Natural Area. To the left is Honey Creek leading to the Wisconsin River.

Vines in Winter

Date: 12 2013
Description: Vines growing out of a parking lot along a white wall.

Bust of Abraham Lincoln

Date: 02 2014
Description: Cast metal bust of Abraham Lincoln sitting on a desk.


Date: 06 2014
Description: Women and men wearing swim suits lying or sitting on the grass in James Madison Park. A man is resting against a tree in the foreground looking out over th...

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