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Loading Fire Fighting Equipment

Description: Men loading back pumps and fire fighting equipment onto a truck at Park Falls Ranger Station in preparation for answering a forest fire call.

Fire Fighting Crew

Date: August 10 1936
Description: Five men, who are members of a fire fighting crew, pose in front of their truck at the Park Falls Ranger Station.

Old Mission Congregational Church

Date: 1940
Description: The Old Mission Congregational Church. The church was built in 1832 for a mission founded by Frederick Ayer in 1830. It is said to be the oldest Protestant...

First Baptist Church

Date: 1890
Description: At the corner of Wisconsin and Milwaukee Streets; the present site of T.A. Chapman Store. View of building from across the street. Three men stand in fro...

Friends of Jeannette Holt in Winter

Date: 1919
Description: Three young women are posing for a winter portrait with a sled and wooden skis. There is a building with a porch on a hill in the background.

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