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Train Wreck

Date: 03 20 1956
Description: Elevated view of railroad cars laying across and around railroad tracks while workers look on and contemplate how to clean up the massive mess caused by th...

Baptism at Trinity Lutheran Church

Date: 02 09 1958
Description: The Reverend Erwin G. Tieman baptizes infants as part of a Lutheran crusade for Christ evangelism.

Winter Night Street Scene

Date: 12 01 1955
Description: Neon lights up Wisconsin Avenue on a winter night in Milwaukee.

The Boardroom

Date: 1951
Description: Men in suits are sitting around an oval-shaped table while another man with his back to the camera gives a presentation.

Baking Christmas Cookies

Date: 12 20 1958
Description: Mother and children enjoy baking, decorating, and eating Christmas cookies.

Home of the Braves

Date: 04 18 1957
Description: View from rear of two boys, in semi-silhouette, wearing baseball mitts standing and looking out over the baseball diamond from the seating area of County S...

Hospital Patient Watching Television

Date: 01 17 1958
Description: The installation of televisions in hospital rooms is a welcome addition to this patient at Misericordia Hospital.

Men Sewing

Date: 01 08 1956
Description: Men sew as a joke at a party for a prospective bridegroom. Jack Bayliss, with bow tie, is facing the camera.

Fishing Boat on the Lake

Date: 08 29 1956
Description: View from shoreline of boaters sitting in silhouette beyond a pier on a lake.
Map or Atlas

Bird's-Eye View of Milton Junction. Rock Co. Wis.

Date: 1881
Description: Bird's-eye map of Milton Junction.

Defeat of General Braddock

Date: 01 07 1855
Description: Sketch of the defeat of General Braddock during an ambush in the French and Indian War. Caption reads: "Defeat of General Braddock, in the French and India...

Deering Hay Tedder

Date: 1917
Description: General line color illustration of a Deering hay tedder. The text beneath the illustration reads: "A Sturdy, Well-Built Tedder; Practically All-Steel Const...

International Side-Delivery Rake

Date: 1917
Description: General line color illustration of a cylinder type International side-delivery rake. The text beneath the illustration reads: "A Left Hand Rake; Delivers H...

Milwaukee Corn Binder

Date: 1917
Description: General line illustration of a Milwaukee corn binder. The text beneath the color illustration reads, "A Strong, Well-Balanced Machine. Light in Draft and E...

New Standardized Buckeye Farm Wagon

Date: 1916
Description: General line catalog color illustration of the "New Standardized Buckeye Farm Wagon." Several of the wagon's parts are also illustrated and explained in te...

Frank Leslie Cartoon "Winning and Wearing"

Date: 05 23 1863
Description: Cartoon appearing in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, Page 144. During the American Civil War (1861-1865), the Copperheads nominally favored th...

An Army of Lovers

Date: 1970
Description: Gay Liberation poster promoting a weekly meeting to be held every Wednesday evening at 8:00 pm at the St. Francis House.

Gay Dance

Date: 1972
Description: Poster promoting a gay dance to be held at the Memorial Union's Old Madison Room. Donation fee of .50 requested. Additional graffitti reads "No Union Scabs...

White Farmall Advertisement

Date: 1950
Description: Inside spread of an advertising flyer promoting International Harvester's "Mid-Century Promotion." The flyer features a color illustration of a white Farma...

"Tayles and Tongue"

Date: 1970
Description: Poster advertising a concert by Tayles and Tongue, a benefit for the Community Rap Center.

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