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Hamburg Landing

Date: May 1862
Description: "Hamburg Landing, 4 miles below Pittsburg Landing, Commisary [sic] Depot of Gen. Hallek's Army." An encampment with soldiers along the river with a...

Holt Lumber Company Sawmill

Date: 1930
Description: Holt Lumber Company sawmill, built in 1840.

Daisy and L.C. Bates with Henry Wallace

Date: 1948
Description: A candid group portrait of well-dressed people featuring Henry Wallace and Daisy Bates. L.C. Bates stands to the left of Daisy.

Stacking Hay Bales

Date: March 14 1985
Description: Young man wearing a knit cap and flannel shirt stacking bales of hay in a barn.

Dane County Home Resident

Description: A view down a hallway at the Dane County Hospital and Home, with the silhouette of a man in a wheelchair at the end.

Man Using Heider Tractor

Date: 1919
Description: Color illustration of a man using a Heider tractor to work in a farm field. The image was part of the center spread of a pamphlet produced by Rock Island P...
Book or Pamphlet

Russell & Company Advertising Brochure

Date: 1918
Description: Front cover of a booklet advertising agricultural machinery and equipment produced by The Russell & Company Incorporated.
Book or Pamphlet

Rumely OilPull Tractors

Date: 1920
Description: Back cover of a booklet advertising the Rumely OilPull tractor featuring a headline reading: "A size for every farm and backed by written guarantee." Four...

Elsie Ferguson and Pedro de Cordoba in a scene still for "Barbary Sheep"

Date: 1917
Description: English noblewoman Lady Wyverne (played by Elsie Ferguson) poses on a balcony in a Moorish palace and offers her hand to Arab chieftan Benchaalal (Pedro de...

Elsie Ferguson and Pedro de Cordoba in an outdoor scene still for "Barbary Sheep"

Date: 1917
Description: English noblewoman Kathryn, Lady Wyverne (played by Elsie Ferguson), sits on the edge of a rustic well in a scene still for the 1917 silent film "Barbary S...

Jamal Stevenson

Date: May 25 1984
Description: A boy dressed as Michael Jackson is singing as a group of young people are watching in the background. Caption reads: "Six-year-old Jamal Stevenson imitate...

Judo Class

Date: July 05 1967
Description: A judo instructor is coaching two young men, while three more young men are looking on. Caption reads: "Instructor Marshall Bullock, 2602 N. 19th st., work...

Farm of Walter Pippel

Date: April 10 1938
Description: Elevated view of the farm. Original caption reads, in part: "A loud wail? is arising from the Matanuska Valley of Alaska colonists because the government i...

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