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Women Sewing for Civil Works Administration Project

Date: 1934
Description: A group of Fond du Lac women sews clothes for a Civil Works Administration project in 1934. The CWA was an emergency program that lasted from November 1933...

Opera House

Date: 1880
Description: The Opera House at the corner of Washington (now Main) and North Mill Streets. A sign at the back of the building reads: "Printing." A barber pole is in fr...

Lane Residence

Date: 1860
Description: A general view of the Lane residence, which is the birthplace of Carrie Lane, later Carrie Chapman Catt, noted woman suffrage leader.

Willson Monarch Remedies Wagon

Date: 1935
Description: Two salesmen stand beside one of the Willson's Monarch Remedies horse-drawn wagons. Willson's sold patent medicines, spices, extracts, flavorings, and "toi...

North Main Street

Date: 1910
Description: View of various businesses located on north Main Street, including A. Levitt Clothing Store, The Idea, and two drugstores. Caption reads: "Main Street, Nor...

South Main Street

Date: 1895
Description: View of businesses located on the south end of Main Street including The Hotel Erving, a shoe store, Utter Drug Company, a dentist, Graham Awning Co., and ...

Arndt and Doty Street Intersection

Date: 1900
Description: Corner of Arndt and Doty streets, showing one of the early electric street cars in Wisconsin. The tower, the bottom of which shows in the picture, was one ...

Fond du Lac Airport

Date: 1940
Description: Aerial view of Fond du Lac Airport.
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Bird's-Eye View of Fond du Lac

Date: 1867
Description: Birds eye drawing of Fond du Lac depicts street names and street layouts, houses, buildings, trees, and the Fond du Lac River. A reference key at the botto...
Map or Atlas

Bird's-Eye View of Ripon

Date: 1867
Description: Bird's-eye map of Ripon, with insets of points of interest.
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View of the City of Waupun, Wis., Situated in Fond du Lac & Dodge Counties.

Date: 1885
Description: Bird's-eye map of Waupun on the Rock River. There is an inset at top center of "Althouse, Wheeler & Co., Windmills and Pumps."
Map or Atlas

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Date: 1896
Description: Bird's-eye map of Fond du Lac, looking north west, with two insets of the P.H. Stamm residence, and the Proposed Lakeside Park. thirty-five locations ident...

Progressive Convention

Date: 05 19 1934
Description: Crowd of delegates and guests at the Progressive Convention in the armory, held to launch a new Progressive Party.

Phil La Follette at Progressive Convention

Date: 05 19 1934
Description: Former Governor Philip F. La Follette, the younger son of Robert M. La Follette, Sr., calling the roll on the proposal to form a new political party at the...

William Evjue at Progressive Convention

Date: 05 19 1934
Description: William T. Evjue, editor of The Capital Times, presiding over the Progressive convention, at which the delegates launched a new political party, the Progre...
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Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin from Marr St. Methodist Church

Date: 1861
Description: Bird's-eye map of Fond du Lac, "drawn after nature," with a parade of soldiers marching down the street.
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Waupun, Wis.

Date: 1870
Description: Bird's-eye map of Waupun.

Men Planning for World War II Scrap Drive

Date: 1942
Description: International Harvester dealer Charles Landaal signs a pledge to help collect scrap as part of Governor Julius P. Heil's "MacArthur Week" scrap drive. Milw...

Stockpiles of Hemp

Date: 1943
Description: Original caption reads in part: "Stock piles shown were being built for Matt Rens Hemp Company for mill located on 120-acre farm near Brandon, Wisconsin. T...

Birthplace of Republican Party

Date: 1929
Description: 75th anniversary celebration of the birth of the Republican Party at Ripon. Governor Walter J. Kohler, Sr., stands on the podium in front of the Little Whi...

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