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The Medicine Shop

Date: August 15 1981
Description: Michael Persten standing behind the prescription counter of The Medicine Shop, a pharmacy he opened in Wauwatosa.

Staying Cool Outside

Date: June 22 1983
Description: Woman stays cool by sitting in a small plastic pool while pouring cups of water on her head.

Raking Leaves

Date: October 18 1984
Description: Young boy and girl make the autumn chore of leaf-raking fun.

Telephone Conversation

Date: March 27 1963
Description: A three-year-old girl uses a toy telephone, and carries on an imaginary conversation at a preschool.

Baking Bread for Communion

Date: September 25 1963
Description: Elevated view of two women, one pulling loaves of bread from the oven and the other glazing crusts in the church kitchen.

Family Farmers Market

Date: July 27 1988
Description: Cousins set up a road-side stand to sell fruits and vegetables grown by their grandfather.

Sucker Monocle

Date: December 28 1962
Description: Jean Meyer plays with the sucker she got at a mother-daugher Christmas holiday tea.

Candy Maker

Date: October 11 1981
Description: Jim Niemann decorates dipped chocolates at his family's business, Niemann's Home Made Chocolate Shop.
Map or Atlas

Wauwatosa and the Western Suburbs of Milwaukee

Date: 1892
Description: Color bird's-eye map of Wauwatosa, looking east toward Milwaukee and Lake Michigan. Predominantly green with cream colored roadways, with six land plots ow...

Rock Show

Date: May 12 1963
Description: Three boys take a break from baseball to view the Wisconsin Geological Society's rock, gem and mineral show at Wauwatosa's Hart park recreational building.

Man and Mermaid

Date: August 21 1963
Description: Couple poses behind carnival cutout of a sailor and mermaid.

Wauwatosa Railroad Station

Date: October 30 1944
Description: View across railroads tracks towards the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad station. A number of children and adults are standing around the station. S...

Wisconsin State Fair Parking

Date: 1947
Description: Center of an elevated panoramic view of a full parking lot, with the grandstand in the background.

Wisconsin State Fair Parking

Date: 1947
Description: Right side of an elevated panoramic view of a full parking lot with houses and electrical towers in the background.

Wisconsin Centennial Stamp Design in Purple

Description: Design in purple for the Wisconsin Centennial 3 cent postage stamp. There is a farming theme, with stacks of grain and a barn.

Mishakwut Still

Date: 1936
Description: Actors in Indian costume as seen in the film "Mishaskwut," which depicts the life of the Menominee Indians. The film was sponsored by the Wauwatosa Board o...

Across Bridge in Wauwatosa

Date: 1870
Description: An advertisement featuring Wauwatosa, showing the First Baptist Church, on the left, built in 1854 and the First Congregational Church, on the right built...

Intersection of Roads

Date: 1917
Description: The intersection of Green Bay and Cedarburg roads taken for Wisconsin Highway Department.

Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Depot

Date: 1915
Description: View down railroad tracks towards the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul railroad depot. Caption reads: "C.M. & St. P. Depot, Wauwatosa, Wis."

Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Depot

Date: October 30 1944
Description: The Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul railway depot. A number of pedestrians are waiting for the train.

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