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Wisconsin Central Railway Locomotive no. 221

Date: 1898
Description: Wisconsin Central Railway locomotive no. 221, the first "big engine" on the Wisconsin Central. Built by the Brooks Locomotive Works in 1898, and later renu...

Light Show at the Fair

Date: 07 26 1966
Description: Several young people pause behind the fence to look at a midway ride in action at the Washington County Junior Fair.

Amber Inn — Exterior

Date: 11 13 1998
Description: "The Amber Inn is in Slinger on Highway 60, about a mile west of the intersection with Highway 175." From left to right; Ralph "Buddy" Ruecker, Ralph Widme...

Amber Inn — Interior

Date: 11 13 1998
Description: "Ann Koehnke is our waitress at the Amber Inn in Slinger, WI." From left to right; Ralph "Buddy" Ruecker, Ralph Widmer, Shirley Widmer, Rudy Heinecke, and ...

Jan's Slinger Cafe

Date: 01 14 2000
Description: "Parker & Carly Hren, join us at Jan's Slinger Cafe , in Slinger WI." From left to right; Parker Hren, Ralph "Buddy" Ruecker, Ralph Widmer, Carly Hren, Shi...

The Slinger House Pub and Grill

Date: 06 08 2001
Description: "The Slinger House is at 100 W. Washington St. in Slinger, WI, at the intersection of Highway's 175 & 144."

Raceway Pub and Grill — Exterior

Date: 03 08 2002
Description: "On a very foggy, rainy night we visit Raceway Pub and Grill at 711 E. Washington St. in Slinger, WI."

Raceway Pub and Grill — Interior

Date: 03 08 2002
Description: "At Raceway, Vicki, our waitress, joins our group that includes the Hren family, Kay, and her two children Parker and Carly. Vicki, tells us that her grand...

Patti O's

Date: 11 21 2003
Description: "Patti O's is at 121 Kettle Moraine Drive, North of Slinger."

Slinger Grade School

Date: 05 15 1902
Description: Students of the Slinger Grade School, pictured with their teachers, Miss Margaret O'Connell who taught grades one through five, and Mr. H.T. White who taug...

Stork's Brewery

Date: 1910
Description: Postcard of the Stork Brewery facilities. The image includes the brewery buildings along a hillside and railroad tracks in the foreground. There is a sign ...

Vim Tractor Advertisement

Date: 1919
Description: Advertisement for the Vim tractor, manufactured by the Vim Tractor Company of Schleisingerville, Wisconsin. A side view illustration of the tractor is acco...

Storck Brewery

Description: Colorized postcard view of the Storck Brewery in Schleisingerville (now Slinger). The brewery buildings are along a hillside, and railroad tracks are in th...

The Old Stone Church

Date: 09 01 1912
Description: Text on front reads: "The Old Stone Church, Schleisingerville, Wis." Built around 1863, the stone church is set on a hill with a long set of steps with rai...

Public School

Date: 03 21 1919
Description: Text on front reads: "Public School, Schleisingerville, Wis." A brick and stone school building, with a belfry and two large chimneys, surrounded by trees ...


Date: 09 24 1910
Description: Text on front reads: "Depot, Schleisingerville, Wis." A railroad depot with a train station, grain elevators and other buildings. The sign reads: "Schleisi...

Union Depot

Date: 08 09 1917
Description: Text on front reads: "Union Depot, Schleisingerville, Wis." A railroad station with a train on the tracks. A man with a cart is standing near the baggage c...

Main Street

Date: 11 09 1910
Description: Text on front reads: "Main Street, Schleisingerville, Wis." An unpaved street lined with businesses and homes. The sidewalks are both cement and wooden boa...

Service Flag Dedication Day Parade

Date: 02 18 1919
Description: Text on front reads: "Service Flag Dedication Day Parade, Schleisingerville, Wis." Uniformed nurses are leading a parade down the street, holding a Red Cro...

Birdseye View of Schleisingerville

Date: 10 31 1910
Description: Text on front reads: "Birdseye View of Schleisingerville, Wisconsin." Elevated view from a hillside of a small town with hills on the horizon. The name of ...

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