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Skilled Hands at Work

Date: 01 27 1968
Description: Woman working on a wire harness for the lunar module section of an Apollo spacecraft at the AC Electronics division of General Motors Corp. plant.
Map or Atlas

City of Oak Creek, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

Date: 1965
Description: This map shows Milwaukee County Parkway lands, streets, streets not yet constructed, public facilities, schools, churches, and manufacturers. The map inclu...
Map or Atlas

Oak Creek Township, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

Date: 1840
Description: This manuscript map is ink, pencil, and watercolor on paper and shows landownership. An approximate date can be established by the names written on the pla...

Grace Dawson Hayman

Description: Quarter-length portrait of Grace Dawson, Frederick Layton's cousin, who married Joel Hayman, Jr. in 1866. She was born in 1841.

Joel Hayman, Jr.

Description: Waist-up portrait of Joel Hayman. He was the brother of Elizabeth Layton, the wife of Frederick Layton, and he married Grace Dawson in 1866. There is a med...


Date: 1981
Description: Six family members looking at a photograph album outdoors. Caption reads: "REMEMBERING. Norma Clemente and her family looked through the family album at he...

Ann Marks and Harry Gallau

Date: 09 25 1989
Description: An elderly couple are dancing together. Both of them are wearing crowns, and the woman is holding a cane. To the left of them a band is playing. Caption re...

Dyeing Fingerlings for Later I.D.

Date: 1971
Description: A man is bending over and standing on a flat metal rail over a vat of water. The man is wearing a dust mask over his face, and is holding two screens dyed ...

The Coal Ship "J.R. Sensibar"

Date: 05 12 1959
Description: Aerial view of a large ship with a considerable amount of dark smoke coming from the rear. The ship appears to be heading toward a large field of coal buil...

Vulcan Materials Company Officials

Date: 07 26 1968
Description: Two men are looking at large papers. One of the men has a pipe in his mouth, and the other is wearing eyeglasses and is smiling and pointing to the sheet o...

Leonhard Weiss Jr.

Date: 08 14 1989
Description: A man driving a tractor that is dragging a mower. Caption reads: "Leonhard Weiss Jr., an Oak Creek weed commissioner, cut 8-foot-tall weeds on Milwaukee Co...

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