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Eugenics Demonstration on Wall Street

Date: October 27 1915
Description: Four impoverished men hired by "The Medical Review of Reviews" carry signs with the eugenics slogans, "I am a burden to myself and the State. Should I be a...

International Delivery Truck in front of Queensboro Bridge

Date: July 05 1927
Description: Driver in an International delivery truck parked along the waterfront with the Queensboro Bridge in the background. The truck was owned by Joseph Victori &...

Grand Demonstration of Workingmen

Date: September 05 1882
Description: The procession passing the reviewing stand at Union Square.

Lindbergh Returns

Date: June 13 1927
Description: Charles Lindbergh on board ship in New York Harbor. After flying to France in the "Spirit of St. Louis," Lindbergh returned to the United States by ship. H...

Lindbergh Before the Flight

Date: May 20 1927
Description: Charles Lindbergh receiving encouragement from an unidentified spectator as the "Spirit of St. Louis" is prepared for take off. Described by some as a fly...

Skywriting Advertisement for Cigarettes

Date: 1923
Description: Advertisement for Lucky Strike cigarettes that shows the product name being written as a smoke trail above New York City. The campaign was devised for the...

La Follette Presidential Rally

Date: September 21 1924
Description: Senator Robert M. La Follette, Sr., waves to the crowd at the close of a presidential campaign speech at Yankee Stadium. Robert M. La Follette, Jr., is be...

Registration of Enemy Aliens

Date: May 23 1917
Description: Unnaturalized Germans registering as enemy aliens at the New York Federal Building. Registration was necessary for them to be able to travel within the va...

Treasure and Trinket Fund

Date: January 1918
Description: Mrs. William Bartlett of the Aviation Committee of the National Special Aid Society, examines metal objects donated by members to be sold to benefit Americ...

Russian Immigrants Convention

Date: 1918
Description: A convention of Russian immigrants at Beethoven Hall in New York City. The newspaper caption for this photograph describes the Bolshevik communist faction...

McCarthy, the Primary Winner

Date: September 18 1952
Description: Senator Joseph R. McCarthy speaking with reporters at LaGuardia Airport shortly after his victory over Len Schmitt in the Wisconsin Republican primary. McC...

Senator and Mrs. McCarthy

Date: October 12 1953
Description: Senator Joseph R. McCarthy and his new bride, the former Jean Kerr, arrive at the federal building in New York City where a hearing concerning security ris...

Hollywood Ten Discussion

Date: 1947
Description: At a luncheon sponsored by Americans for Democratic Action, Paul Hays, chair of the ADA New York chapter, discusses the congressional investigation of Holl...

Joe McCarthy Investigates

Date: October 17 1953
Description: Senator Joseph R. McCarthy, now chair of the Senate Investigating Committee, arrives at a New York City hotel to begin hearings on alleged Communist espion...

Anti-Rosenberg Demonstrators

Date: 1951
Description: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were convicted of spying for the Soviet Union on March 29, 1951, and sentenced to death. The climate surrounding their trial wa...

McCarthy and Chief of Staff

Date: November 24 1953
Description: Senator Joseph R. McCarthy and Francis P. Carr at the first public session of the investigation of espionage at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey. Carr read into...

International Model 63 Storage Company Truck

Date: April 13 1926
Description: International Model 63 truck operated by the Sunrise Storage Company - "Movers, Packers, Shippers."

International Model 63 Truck

Date: January 23 1926
Description: Two men loading merchandise into the covered bed of an International Model 63 truck operated by the E.B. Latham & Company - "Electrical & Radio Merchandise...

MacArthur Returns

Date: May 20 1951
Description: General Douglas MacArthur rides in an open car during the ticker tape parade in his honor. MacArthur had just returned to the United States, having been re...

Payday at Truck

Date: January 20 1927
Description: A group of men line up for their pay at an armored International Model 63 truck used by the City of New York Department of Finance. The truck is guarded by...

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