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Street Parade Rig

Date: 1870
Description: Street parade rig, apparently to agitate against delays in construction of a railroad to connect Manitowoc to the west. In the background is a store owned ...

Livestock Auction at the Mall

Date: 02 12 1984
Description: A man shows his cow in front of Penneys during an auction held at the Mid-Cities Mall.

Launch of the Steamer "Petoskey"

Date: 04 20 1888
Description: The launching of the screw passenger and freight vessel, "Petoskey," on April 20, 1888 at Burger and Burger Builders, Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

Manitowoc and Two Rivers Railway

Description: Manitowoc and Two Rivers Railway streetcar full of passengers.

Manitowoc Airport Manager

Description: Pilot Louis Kakuk, manager of the Manitowoc Airport, with his Waco airplane. Kakuk's career followed a typical pattern for aviators, moving from the freewh...

Brochure Image for Invincible Cabin Monoplane

Date: 1929
Description: An advertising brochure for the Invincible Cabin Monoplane, an airplane briefly manufactured by the Invincible Metal Furniture Company of Manitowoc. Text o...

Manitowoc Summer School Classroom

Date: 1961
Description: Teacher Richard Vaughan answers a question for one of the six resident children who took the opportunity offered by the 1961 Manitowoc Summer School to lea...

Migrant Students in the Library Corner

Date: 1961
Description: Mrs. Shirley Mecha, regular teacher at Meadow Brook School, helping migrant students use resources in the "library corner."

Manitowoc, Wis.

Date: 1870
Description: Bird's-eye view of the city of Manitowoc with a population of 5,168 inhabitants as it appears in 1870, the year the village was granted a city charter by t...
Map or Atlas

Manitowoc, Wisconsin Bird's-eye Map

Date: 1883
Description: Bird's-eye map of Manitowoc.
Map or Atlas

Bird's-Eye View of Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Date: 1868
Description: Bird's-eye map of Manitowoc, with four insets. Manitowoc County.

The Detroit Edison Under Construction

Date: 1954
Description: Self-unloader, the Detroit Edison, Hull 418, is under construction and surrounded by scaffolding at Manitowoc Shipbuilding Corporation.

Manitowoc, The Gateway between the East and the West

Date: 1905
Description: Bird's-eye view of Manitowoc on the shores of Lake Michigan. A map of the northeastern part of the United States at the top indicates Manitowoc's location ...

Wisconsin Central Freight Cars

Date: 05 05 1897
Description: Elevated view of Wisconsin Central freight cars in a rural storage yard near Manitowoc.

Cars at the Lake Michigan Ferry

Date: 07 08 1941
Description: A boy rides his bike as if leading a fleet of cars, with the Lake Michigan ferry blowing smoke in the background.

Manitowoc Railroad Yard

Date: 05 15 1897
Description: Elevated view of the Chicago & Northwestern Railway yards looking northwest. The elevator of the Northern Grain Company is in the middle distance.

Building the Central Railway Tunnel

Date: 12 23 1895
Description: Horse-drawn implement makes a cut at a crossing where the tunnel will be made for the Wisconsin Central Railway.

Wisconsin Central Railway Construction

Date: 12 11 1895
Description: View of the construction area of the Wisconsin Central Railway, looking southeast at Shipyard Point with workers and a team of horses.

Rahr Civic Center

Date: 1910
Description: Exterior view of the Rahr Civic Center where the museum of the Manitowoc Historical Society is housed.

Schooner in Manitowoc Harbor

Date: 1890
Description: Schooner coming into Manitowoc harbor.

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