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Street Scene, Ellison Bay

Date: 1910
Description: Street scene in Ellison Bay. On the far left is a building with a bell tower on the roof.

Fish Boil

Date: August 30 1963
Description: Closely timed cooking and quick serving are the secret of a successful fish boil. A heavy iron bar is inserted in the basket of potatoes and onions to remo...

Table Rock from Daisy Fields at Garrett Bay

Description: Colored postcard view near the extreme northern point of Door County. There is a man standing on the left in a field of flowers looking at the bay. Fishing...

The Clearing

Date: 1968
Description: Color view of The Clearing, a folk art school in Ellison Bay. A stone building and a log building are under a grove of trees.

Scene in Ellison Bay

Date: 1958
Description: Black and white photographic postcard of a street scene, with a church on the left and a place at the corner in the distance, with a sign for "Volunteer."...

Steamer Bon Ami

Description: View of the Steamer "Bon Ami" on Ellison Bay. A few people are on the deck. The tree-lined far shoreline is in the background.

Beach Road, Ellison Bay

Description: View of Beach Road and the beach at Ellison Bay. Buildings are across the bay, and a tree-lined ridge is in the far background.

Bathing Beach, Ellison Bay

Date: 1919
Description: View towards shoreline towards a group of people gathered at a bathing beach. Some people are in the water; others people are standing fully dressed on the...

Fishing Wharf

Date: 1935
Description: Canoes and small sailboats are pulled up on the shore or tied up to the piers extending from the wharf at Ellison Bay. There is a small warehouse on the wh...

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