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Vacationers at Cabins

Date: 1931
Description: Women, men and children in summer clothes stand between cabins at the Gallop Inn on Tainter Lake.

Pig Freight Car on the Soo Line

Date: 1917
Description: Group of people standing in front of a Soo Line freight car that was used by the railroad to promote hog transportation. This photograph was donated to the...

Alfalfa Demonstration by Agricultural Extension

Date: 1913
Description: Professor Perry G. Holden demonstrates the benefits of growing alfalfa to a group of men, women, and children standing in a crossroads in a commercial area...

Growin' a Beard

Date: August 21 1964
Description: Mrs. Harold Olson examines the beards of Leon Dunbar, Louis Christianson, Dick Toycen and Perley Entzminger. They are standing on the 500 block of Main Str...

Street Scene

Date: 1929
Description: A busy commercial area. Cars are parked diagonally on either side of the street. There is a Chevrolet repair shop, gas station, hotel, Ford repair shop, an...

Peoples State Bank

Date: 1929
Description: A boy stands at the corner in front of the Peoples State Bank.

Farmers Waiting to Load Their Goods

Date: 1898
Description: Farmers with their loads waiting to ship on train number 40 at Colfax, Wisconsin. "An everyday occurrence at 3:50 pm during September and October."

Collage Postcard

Date: November 16 1908
Description: Photographic COLLAGE postcard of scenes of Colfax. In the center oval is the text, "Colfax, Wis. Looks Good To Me," however the "Looks Good To Me" is cross...

Postcard Back

Date: November 16 1908
Description: Handwritten on correspondence side of postcard: "Dear Manda, Talk about Fairchild. This burg is about ten times as bad. There is not one respectable lookin...

Railroad Depot

Date: 1900
Description: View across railroad tracks towards passengers, a large group of men and one young girl, waiting on the platform at the train station for the train to arri...

Elevated View of Railroad Depot

Date: August 1902
Description: Elevated view of the railroad depot taken from the wooden shake roof of a building. On the right are railroad tracks, depot buildings, grain storage and a...

"Wild Bill" Buyer & Seller of Things

Date: August 29 1964
Description: A man in a cowboy hat and fringe jacket posing on a covered wagon. The wagon has a sign that reads: "'Wild Bill' Buyer & Seller of Things, Albertville." ...

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