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"Indian Guides"

Date: January 27 1963
Description: Young Caucasian boys dressed like Native Americans as part of their YMCA "Indian Guides" program. They are being directed by the "All Nations Chief" Henry...

Transportation Safety for Children

Date: June 17 1986
Description: A group of children on "hot cycles," a form of young children's transportation, are being instructed on the rules of pedestrian and bicycle transportation...

Tea Party

Date: May 05 1963
Description: Mother pouring tea for her twins at the mother and daughter tea, sponsored by the Brookfield Woman's Club.

Waiting out the Rain

Date: June 21 1987
Description: Shoppers take refuge in the open doorway of a shop during a downpour.

Corn and Brats on the Grill

Date: June 25 1988
Description: St. Dominic's Catholic Parish members tend the grills at their annual festival.

Fancy Wedding Cake

Date: June 26 1955
Description: Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Braatz top off the 26-layer wedding cake that Mrs. Braatz made for their daughter's wedding.

Ham Radio Operator

Date: March 23 1961
Description: A ham radio operator uses his home radio equipment to allow Wisconsin residents far from home to link to family members via a radio-phone connection.

International Model H Fire Truck

Date: 1919
Description: International Model H fire truck owned by the Brookfield Fire Department.

Heavy Snow

Date: December 12 1963
Description: Winter scene with Swanson School youngsters playing in the first heavy snow of the season.

Church in Brookfield

Date: 1920
Description: Front view of church building. Caption reads: "Brookfield Wis".

Clark Station

Date: 1962
Description: Clark gasoline station near Brookfield, Wisconsin, which sold gasoline but not service work.

Canterbury Hills Subdivision

Date: 1980
Description: Landscape view of a subdivision. In the center is an electrical meter, stone walls, and pine trees. In the distance are houses and telephone poles.

'Residence' Type Railroad Station

Description: The Brookfield was a stop on the Burlington Northern/Santa Fe Railroad which provided a mainline between Chicago and Kansas City.

Lutheran Church

Date: August 1971
Description: Color postcard elevated view towards the altar of the Gethsemane Evangelical Lutheran Church. A Christmas tree is on the right.

Harvest House Cafeteria

Description: Color postcard view of the interior of the Harvest House Cafeteria, Brookfield Square Shopping Center.

Liske House Interior Perspective

Date: 1956
Description: Interior perspective of the living room of the Robert W. Liske house designed and drawn by architect John Randal McDonald. The home was named "Sunny Crest"...

Artic Frozen Custard, Label

Date: June 12 1935
Description: Label submitted to the State of Wisconsin for trademark registration. Features an Eskimo in a yellow coat and hat eating an ice cream cone. In the backgrou...

Frigid Frozen Custard, Label

Date: July 29 1935
Description: Label submitted to the State of Wisconsin for trademark registration. "Frigid Frozen Custard." Features two men, each driving a dog sled with teams of dogs...
Map or Atlas

City of Brookfield, Waukesha County

Date: 1965
Description: This basic street map shows roads, schools, parks and cemeteries and includes a street index in the lower margin. The map also shows a portion of Elm Grove...

Wisconsin Memorial Park

Date: November 21 1931
Description: View of a wrought iron structure in an "island" garden in the middle of an entryway, with the Great Memorial Building in the background.

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