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Tall-tale Postcard: Trout on Truck

Date: 1976
Description: Photomontage of a giant trout resting on the back of a bright red flatbed pickup truck. Children look on with awe; one is pointing at the trout. White curs...
Newspaper Article/Clipping

Underground Newspaper Cover: Berkeley Tribe

Date: August 15 1969
Description: Cover of "Berkeley Tribe," an underground newspaper, depicting a couple with a baby. Both the man and the woman are carrying a firearm. The newspaper logo...
Newspaper Article/Clipping

Underground Newspaper Cover: Berkeley Barb

Date: July 19 1968
Description: Cover of "Berkeley Barb," an underground newspaper, featuring a photomontage of politically charged images, mostly relating to the Civil Rights movement. C...

Berkeley Anti-War Demonstration

Date: March 1966
Description: International Days of Protest demonstration at the University of California-Berkeley.

Vietnam Teach-In

Date: May 22 1965
Description: Janes Aronson, editor of the National Guardian, a progressive weekly newspaper, speaking to a Vietnam War teach-in.

Students with Cat and Dog

Date: 1920
Description: A group of male and female students from Sunnyside School posing for an outdoor portrait with a dog and cat.

Girl Playing Outdoors

Date: 1920
Description: A girl from Sunnyside School balancing on one leg outdoors. She is wearing a dress and has a large bow in her hair.

Children Playing Leapfrog

Date: 1920
Description: Boys from Sunnyside School playing leapfrog on the lawn outside a building. Other children are sitting near a screen door in the background.

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