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H.S. Manchester's, Incorporated, Department Store

Date: 1954
Description: Manchester's, Incorporated, a department store on Mifflin Street.

Dow Chemical Demonstration

Date: 1967
Description: Overhead view of large crowd of demonstrators being beaten back by police at the University of Wisconsin-Madison during the Dow Chemical demonstration on c...

Father Holding Child

Date: 1960
Description: A father is holding his young son in his arms.

Father in Apron Cooking

Date: 1960
Description: A father standing over a pan wearing an apron. He is cooking and smoking a cigar.

Joseph McCarthy

Date: 1946
Description: Joseph McCarthy at the time of his election victory over Senator Robert M. La Follette, Jr., in the Republican primary.

Collecting Taxes in the Federal Building

Date: 01 30 1961
Description: Mrs. Peter Mohm wears a coat and scarf indoors as she collects taxes in an unheated federal building.

Buell Home

Date: 1948
Description: The Buell home, built by Charles E. Buell in 1894, which was called "Buell's Folly" locally.
Newspaper Article/Clipping

Carpenter Residence

Description: Newspaper clipping with a photograph of the residence of Mrs. Theresa Carpenter at the corner of Regent and Allen Streets.
Newspaper Article/Clipping

Glen Oak Railway Station

Date: 05 11 1964
Description: Newspaper clipping of the Glen Oak, Wisconsin train station, a few miles south of Montello on the Chicago and North Western Railway. The caption reads: "St...
Newspaper Article/Clipping

Capitol Square Newspaper Article

Date: 1956
Description: Capitol Square images from a 1956 Wisconsin State Journal article.

West Doty Street

Date: 1955
Description: West Doty Street, from Monona Avenue looking toward South Carroll Street, showing the back side of Madison Newspapers, Inc. The building was added on to in...

First National Bank

Date: 1954
Description: View from Capitol Park of the First National Bank building and other buildings on Pinckney Street. Cars are parked at an angle on the street.

930 East Gorham Street

Date: 1952
Description: A residence at 930 East Gorham Street, on the site once occupied by the Walker "castle".

Madison Institute Broadside

Date: 1854
Description: Broadside announcing the 1854 opening lecture of the Madison Institute, a private library and civic forum, on December 11, 1854, in the First Baptist Churc...
Newspaper Article/Clipping

Lamp House

Date: 04 30 1913
Description: Newspaper photograph of the Robert Lamp home, 22 North Butler Street, built by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1903, and hidden in the center of one of Madison's upt...

Yost-Kessinich Store

Date: 1954
Description: View of Yost-Kessinich Department Store at 201 State Street.

Looking North From Capitol Square

Date: 03 1954
Description: Elevated view looking north from the Wisconsin State Capitol down Hamilton Street. The Belmont Hotel and various storefronts are along Capitol Square.

Willow Drive

Date: 1954
Description: View of bridge and overhanging tree on Willow Drive at the University.

Madison Soap Box Derby Winner

Date: 07 1950
Description: Roddy Botts with the tool set he won for best constructed car in the 1950 Madison, Wisconsin soap box derby.

Frost's Woods Article

Date: 02 26 1931
Description: Newspaper clipping of an article about the end of Lake Monona Wild Life Sanctuary Association, a group that had been trying to preserve Frost's Woods.

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