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Father Reading to Son

Date: 12 28 1981
Description: Father reading "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" by Mark Twain to his son.


Date: 08 20 1984
Description: A pile of a variety of pain relievers in tablet and capsule form.

King Kong Car

Date: 10 30 1984
Description: A five-story tall inflatable gorilla attracted potential buyers to a special sale at the Uptown Lincoln-Mercury dealership in Wauwatosa. Although the prese...

Reagan-Bush '84 Speech

Date: 10 10 1984
Description: An unidentified speaker addresses a crowd beneath a banner that reads "Wisconsin Reagan-Bush '84".

Women Cleaning a Canada Goose

Date: 10 22 1984
Description: Two women are working in a kitchen plucking feathers from a goose. Caption reads: Dorothy Pautsch (left) and Jean Kuenzi cleaned a Canada goose at Louis Pa...

Boy Riding Unicycle with His Pet Raccoon

Date: 07 25 1967
Description: Newspaper caption reads: "Passersby don't know it, but what appears to be a coonskin cap around the neck of Todd Vasas, 16, of 2773 S. Shore Drive, is the ...

First Day of School

Date: 08 27 1989
Description: A man is sitting on his sofa, watching his son write a card. Caption reads: "Joe Gofoe said he and his son Elton, 5, were 'big boys' and could handle the f...

Skaters Want Rink Saved

Date: 02 20 1981
Description: Several boys in hockey uniforms are walking outside an entrance holding signs, which read: "We are not asking for the state to support us, we are just aski...

Juneau Exhibit Dedicated

Date: 11 11 1971
Description: One woman and two men standing near a museum exhibit, with a statue of a Native American and part of a log structure in the foreground. Caption reads: "JUN...

International Designer Fashion Show

Date: 03 23 1979
Description: Two women are posing in the foreground. In the background is a woman modeling clothing while standing on a stage. Caption reads: "FASHION'S OUTLOOK for spr...

A Small Place for a Little Music

Date: 09 08 1977
Description: A woman is standing with her hands on her hips, looking down at a group of children. All the children are wearing hats, several of which are "Bicentennial ...

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