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Gates of Heaven Synagogue

Date: 1974
Description: The "Gates of Heaven Synagogue" at James Madison Park.

Signing of the Inheritance Tax Bill

Date: 1975
Description: Signing of the 1975 Inheritance Tax Bill, 1975 Senate Bill 113. Protestors used the occasion to show opposition to the upgrade of Highway 18-151 to an expr...

Mayor Soglin at Home

Date: 05 28 1973
Description: Mayor Soglin at home with his wife, Diane Thayer-Soglin, taken one month after his election as Mayor.

Woman with Pink Flamingos on Bascom Hill

Date: 1979
Description: View uphill towards a woman sitting among a flock of pink flamingo lawn ornaments covering Bascom Hill. She is pretending to feed bread to two pink flaming...

Leopold Shack

Date: 1984
Description: View of Aldo Leopold's shack in the fall. Several Leopold benches are placed around a fire pit in the yard in front of the shack. The is a hand pump near t...

Aeroplane View of Madison, Wisconsin

Date: 1980
Description: Aerial view of the Capitol facing Lake Mendota. The Spirit of St. Louis is superimposed on the postcard. Landmarks include the glass bank, the YWCA and Jam...

Man Heckling Ted Kennedy

Date: 10 27 1966
Description: View across crowd of people towards a man standing. The crowd is assembled to hear Ted Kennedy speak at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Stock Pavilion.

Crowd Gathered on Bascom Hill

Date: 04 04 1968
Description: Elevated view of a large crowd gathered at the top of Bascom Hill in reaction to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The Wisconsin State Capit...

Playground Games

Date: 1968
Description: Children and adults having a tug of war during a play day at Marquette School. A fence and dwellings are in the background.

Bunny Hop

Date: 1978
Description: A man is walking his rabbit on a leash at the University of Wisconsin Memorial Union Terrace.

Field Marshall

Date: 1978
Description: Red-winged blackbird perching on a fence post in a patch of wild flowering plants.

For the Birds

Date: 01 1977
Description: Dried sunflowers along a barbed wire fence in a field of snow.

Barn and Silo

Date: 1979
Description: A barn and silo, on a snow covered farm along Highway 78, between Mt. Horeb and Black Earth. The farmhouse is behind the barn. A barbed wire fence lines th...

Madison, Dane County

Date: 04 1977
Description: Cedar Waxwings flock in a tree in Spring. Quote from photographer, on reverse of photograph: "Cedar Waxwings-Migrating north, in my yard."

Canning Factory

Date: 1977
Description: Slightly elevated view of women who are working processing corn on a canning assembly line at the Fall River Canning Company. They are wearing aprons and g...

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