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Children's Baseball Team

Date: 05 31 1979
Description: Young female baseball/softball team and young boys of opposing team sit on the sidelines. The girls are holding a sign that reads "Girls do it better."

Sharing a Drink of Water

Date: 07 20 1987
Description: A little girl offers her place at a fountain to a large Newfoundland-mix dog who takes a drink on a hot day.

Antique Cars on Display

Date: 08 18 1987
Description: At a Hartford antique show, a man looks over a well-maintained Model T Ford. In the background other people inspect more vintage automobiles.

Acrobatic Airplanes

Date: 08 1980
Description: Airplanes entered in the 10th World Acrobatics Championships at Wittman Field in Oshkosh. The planes in the foreground are those of the Australian and Cana...

Hanukkah Ceremony

Date: 12 19 1984
Description: Hanukkah Ceremony - Abraham Anton uses a servant candle, called the Shamas, to light the first candle of Hanukkah Tuesday night as fellow students watch at...

Kinko's Copies

Description: View from the sidewalk into a Kinko's Copy Shop at night. A bicycle parked to a signpost in the foreground.

Brother Norbert Karpfinger

Date: 06 08 1989
Description: A man is smiling and leaning against a school desk. Caption reads: "Brother Norbert Karpfinger will be leaving Milwaukee."

Jan Schlabowske's Six-Burner Cooktop

Date: 03 03 1989
Description: A man is standing by a countertop taking an egg out of a carton. Next to him is a stove with six burners and a large pan on it. Caption reads: "Jan Schlabo...

Holding Hands

Date: 07 24 1983
Description: Close-up of two people holding hands, one white and one black. Caption reads: "Black-white couples say that racial difference is no big deal for them, but ...

A Close Look

Date: 06 29 1989
Description: Two boys and a man are looking into the cockpit of a race car. Caption reads: "A CLOSE LOOK — David Berner (left), 11, of West Allis, and Jay Gmeindl, 9, o...

Portable Bond Station

Date: 08 12 1984
Description: Two men are standing in front of a table, flanked by uniformed police officers. Other people are sitting at the table, looking through paperwork. Another o...

Knights of Old

Date: 05 30 1989
Description: Two people in armor battling with practice swords. Caption reads: "KNIGHTS OF OLD — Eric Chance (left) and Scott Hall engaged in battle as they fought to b...

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