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Stress Control Biofeedback Card

Date: August 10 1984
Description: Close-up of a person's finger pressing a card, which is a tool for determining stress level by pressing on the square on the front of the card.

Gemini 7

Date: November 08 1968
Description: The Gemini 7 space capsule in which astronaut James Lovell flew in 1965, seen here on display at the Wisconsin Regional Space Center. Although born in Ma...

Party Time

Date: April 08 1971
Description: Party hats with rabbit ears are the headgear of choice at a childrens' party. A woman is in deep conversation with one child while the others enjoy cookie...

Stirring Cookie Dough

Date: June 22 1989
Description: Boy mixes chocolate chip cookie dough at his YMCA daycare center in Big Cedar Lake.

Fresh Bread from the Oven

Description: A baker, clad in apron, pulls a tray of freshly-baked rolls from the oven.

Model Train

Date: March 03 1987
Description: Members of the Kettle Moraine Railroad Club operate an HO gauge railroad on a 7x25 foot platform at a weekend model railroad show.

Three's Cake

Date: July 18 1963
Description: Father, mother and daughter all celebrate their special birthday with three candles on one cake.

Picking Cucumbers

Date: August 1970
Description: Mrs. Matias Perez and her daughter empty buckets of cucumbers picked into burlap bags.

U.S. Navy Veteran

Description: Elderly Milwaukee veteran of the U.S. Navy salutes.

Grape Stomp

Date: September 15 1984
Description: Patricia Mallach of Waukesha demonstrating grape stomping to a crowd of onlookers during the Wine and Harvest Festival. She has a balloon tied around her n...

Raised Hands in Class

Date: November 01 1968
Description: Students raising hands to answer a question in class. The boy in the foreground wears a necktie and looks particularly eager to be called on.

Police with Riot Sticks

Description: Waukesha police recruits practice using riot sticks.

Patrick Lucey Visiting a Sick Boy

Date: December 22 1971
Description: Governor Patrick J. Lucey sitting on a hospital bed holding something in his hands. A young boy, Douglas Huete, is sitting on the bed wearing a hospital go...

Children Playing in Snow

Date: November 30 1976
Description: Elevated view of children sliding on the snow near the Bay Street overpass to Jones Island. The children are walking up the hill. In the background is a st...

Swimming Trip

Date: July 08 1967
Description: Several girls in swimsuits are standing in shallow water. Caption reads: "IT WAS a brisk day when inner core children visited West Bend park. But the child...

Joyce Rhoades Washing Storm Windows

Date: November 04 1983
Description: A woman is washing several windows that are leaning against the side of a building. Front of image is captioned: "Joyce Rhoades of Merrillan, WI. washed st...

Life is a Breeze

Date: February 17 1981
Description: Overhead view of a man hanging clothes on a clothesline, while holding a clothespin in his mouth. Snow is on the ground. Caption reads: "LIFE IS A BREEZE —...

Christmas Party for Twins

Date: December 15 1983
Description: Santa Claus talks with a group of twin siblings at a Christmas party at Mt. Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church. The children in the left background are Joe a...

Traditional Ways

Date: 1976
Description: A young native American woman is sitting on the ground holding her infant in a cradleboard on her lap, a traditional way to protect and transport babies. S...

Acrobat School

Date: 1976
Description: A girl tries some acrobatic moves on a rope at Acrobat School, Circus World Museum, a Wisconsin Historical Society site. The silhouette of another acrobat...

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