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Lighted Jack-o-Lanterns

Date: October 31 1986
Description: Parents with children at a carved pumpkin, or jack-o-lantern, display on lawn on Halloween night.

Cemetery Maintenance

Date: August 27 1980
Description: Slightly elevated view of a man mowing the lawn at the Veterans' Administration Wood National Cemetery.

Kraut Fest Celebrities

Date: July 26 1981
Description: Maynard Entringer of South Milwaukee is awarded the World Championship of the Kraut Eating Contest by the Queen of the Kraut Festival, Sharon Kerkman of Bu...

Late Night Car Wash

Date: January 20 1987
Description: Self-service car wash at Slattery's Amoco Service Station. A late evening customer takes advantage of a break in the normal January temperatures to wash r...

Dungeon Mistress with a Computer

Date: August 1981
Description: View from behind of a young woman wearing a t-shirt with the title Dungeon Mistress printed on the back while she plays an adventure game on a computer. In...

Water Skier with Inflatable Doll

Date: August 08 1989
Description: Water skier lifting an inflatable doll during an Aquaducks show.

Dousman Derby Dancers

Date: August 14 1989
Description: Three groups of people square dancing on a stage or platform. Caption reads: "OCONOMOWOC FESTIVAL — The Dousman Derby Dancers went through a square dance r...

Ann Marks and Harry Gallau

Date: September 25 1989
Description: An elderly couple are dancing together. Both of them are wearing crowns, and the woman is holding a cane. To the left of them a band is playing. Caption re...

Mary and Mark Drews

Date: June 08 1984
Description: A woman and a man are posing together in a room. The man is sitting in a chair, and the woman is sitting on the arm of the chair. On a table in the foregro...

Toying with the Idea

Date: June 30 1989
Description: Many people are sitting on folding chairs. An infant is sitting on a blanket on the floor next to them and playing with stacking cups. Caption reads: "TOYI...

Technicolor Dreamcoat

Date: July 14 1989
Description: Ten people posing on stage, in costume. On the curtain behind them is the word Joseph. Caption reads: "TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT — The Village Players of Mukwo...

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