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Alimony Payment

Date: September 19 1958
Description: County worker collects alimony payment from an ex-husband.

Crocheting Doilies

Date: April 17 1957
Description: A Girl Scout crocheting doilies at a senior citizens' care center with her "adoptive grandmother."

Jigsaw Puzzle

Date: April 17 1957
Description: An elderly woman, Josephine Fell, is the "adopted grandmother" to a Girl Scout that visits her and works with her on a puzzle at Rosemary's Nursing Home in...

Confined to Bed

Date: August 28 1960
Description: An insurance executive carries on with work after he was hit by a car, dictating letters to his secretary from his hospital bed, with his leg in traction.

Mrs. Kuhaupt

Date: 1957
Description: Informal portrait of Mrs. Kuhaupt.

A Wandering Boy

Date: March 08 1958
Description: A boy is smiling and sitting up in a bed. He has one hand on a bedside table. On the table is a tray with a bowl of cereal, a mug, a glass, and a plate wit...

The Coal Ship "J.R. Sensibar"

Date: May 12 1959
Description: Aerial view of a large ship with a considerable amount of dark smoke coming from the rear. The ship appears to be heading toward a large field of coal buil...

Ruth Wyerstad and Dave Onderdonk

Date: June 10 1957
Description: A young woman and man are resting on their stomachs on cushions in the open back of a station wagon. Caption reads: "Miss Ruth Wyerstad, 1914 E. Edgewood A...

Earl G. Scherbert

Date: April 28 1958
Description: A man is sitting on the rear of a toy car, which is being driven by a girl. Several children are walking alongside the car. Caption reads: "The most pop...

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