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Mother Feeding Infant

Date: 09 01 1971
Description: A young mother feeds her infant baby food outdoors.


Date: 08 05 1970
Description: Children playing with a pinata at night.

College Dorm

Date: 08 27 1971
Description: Deborah Weishapl of Union, NJ tosses a stuffed Snoopy doll to new roommate Kathy Vokaty of Edina, MN as they move into their dorm in O'Donnell Hall at Marq...

Foosball Game Room

Date: 12 30 1976
Description: Elevated view of young people playing foosball in The Game Room, a former pizza restaurant, owned by Rosemary Mantekas at 2655 S. Kinnickinnic Avenue.

Kids at the Beach

Date: 07 10 1967
Description: A boy and girl play in the sand at the beach.

Senior Citizens Card Game

Date: 09 10 1968
Description: Elderly women sit around a card table and play cards at a new senior center.

Beating the Bug

Date: 12 13 1968
Description: A firefighter gets a flu shot made available to city workers in the lobby of the municipal building to avoid contracting the Hong Kong flu.

Reluctant Cows at Fairgrounds

Date: 07 16 1971
Description: Bette Brown of Hartland pulls her somewhat reluctant cows across the midway at the Waukesha County Fairgrounds.

1970's Era Bedroom

Date: 07 09 1977
Description: Bedroom featuring an octagonal bed with a guitar in the foreground.

Warlock Blessing a Man

Date: 06 1970
Description: A caped man standing on a sidewalk is placing his hands on the head of a kneeling man, while another man in a suit and sunglasses is looking on. Caption re...

Concertina Dancing Music

Date: 07 11 1985
Description: Several people, most of them women, dancing on a dance floor in front of a band on a stage. Caption reads: "CONCERTINA DANCING MUSIC — The woman outnumbere...

Doing the "Applewood"

Date: 08 02 1968
Description: A boy and girl are dancing, with several other teenage dancers in the background. Caption reads: "Doing the "Applewood" — A rock 'n' roll dance was a Frida...

Officers Lois Amsler and Linda Reaves

Date: 08 27 1987
Description: Two police officers posing together outdoors. Caption reads: "Officers Lois Amsler (left) and Linda Reaves offer advice on personal safety."

Solidarity Day Rally

Date: 09 19 1981
Description: A crowd of people are gathered around a man standing center left and speaking into a microphone attached to a vehicle which has megaphones attached to its ...

Dale Schneider and Warren Wagner

Date: 11 26 1981
Description: Two men are dragging a killed deer by its antlers out of a forest. One man is holding a rifle. Caption reads: "Dale Schneider, left, of Maribel, and Warren...

Examining Vandalized Tombstones

Date: 05 21 1979
Description: Two women are standing between rows of gravestones in a cemetery. Some of the gravestones have been knocked over. One woman is pointing over her shoulder w...

Kevin Kramasz and Daughter

Date: 04 09 1989
Description: A man is smiling and sitting next to a girl, who is holding a balloon, among the seats in a stadium. They are both holding cups in their hands. Caption rea...

Mexican Day of Independence Celebration

Date: 09 17 1989
Description: A young man and woman are dancing together on a stage. Other dancers and people are sitting at tables in the background. Caption reads: "The La Casa Senior...

Archie and Dorothea Johnson

Date: 04 16 1978
Description: Portrait of a man and woman posing sitting on the steps in front of a door. The man has his arm around the woman's shoulder. Caption reads: "Archie and Dor...

Scott Lawson's Soda Can Dress

Date: 05 09 1989
Description: A man is standing and posing wearing a dress and crown made from Coca-Cola and Diet Coke cans. Caption reads: "Scott Lawson models a dress he made from sod...

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