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Running the Rapids of New River

Date: February 21 1874
Description: African American boatmen run a rapids in a small river boat.

Cardinal Paul Cullen

Date: November 30 1878
Description: Illustration of the late Cardinal Paul Cullen, Roman Catholic archbishop of Dublin.

Going To Mass

Date: July 09 1870
Description: Irish people on the way to mass, including children surrounding the priest.

Pilgrims To The Holy Well

Date: October 14 1871
Description: Pilgrims kneeling and praying at the holy well near Galway, Ireland.

Santa Claus and New Year

Date: 1878
Description: Cartoon of "Santa Claus Belated" by a fireplace delivering toys and speaking to a figure representing New Year 1878 saying, "Here we are again."

North Shore of Lake Superior

Date: April 1892
Description: Drawing of the north shore of Lake Superior with cliffs and seagulls.

A General View of the City — Madison, Wisconsin

Date: March 30 1889
Description: Bird's-eye view from Bascom Hill of Madison, with vignettes of the Wisconsin State Capitol, Lake Monona, and the Capitol Park.

The Woods on Fire

Description: Illustration of a man driving a horse-drawn wagon out of burning woodland.

King Debs Cartoon

Date: July 14 1894
Description: Cartoon depicting "King Debs," a man in a crown representing Debs American Railway Union, sitting atop the highway of trade.

Pear's Soap

Date: September 20 1899
Description: Advertisement for Pear's Soap featuring an illustration of an admiral washing his hands. Text reads: "The first step toward lightening the white man's burd...

Immigrants at Ellis Island

Date: 1900
Description: A group of immigrants, both children and adults, who have just arrived at Ellis Island.

Harper's Weekly Canal Drawing

Date: August 02 1862
Description: Engraved view of several men in a long trench digging Grant's canal on the Mississippi River opposite Vicksburg.

The Next Debut

Date: November 01 1879
Description: A cartoon depicting General M.C. Butler of South Carolina in fine clothing standing next to an African American on his knees, surrounded by bulls. The capt...

The "Bloody Shirt" Reform

Date: August 12 1876
Description: A cartoon depicting General M.C. Butler holding a top hat, standing next to dead African Americans. There are slogans behind the bodies, including "Niggers...

Declaration of Equality

Date: August 12 1876
Description: A cartoon depicting Justice holding bodies on her scale, one white and six black. The caption includes the phrase "Five More Wanted."

Newhall House Fire

Date: January 09 1883
Description: A large crowd is on the street surrounding the burning building. Fire fighters are struggling with horses pulling the fire engine, and on the left a group...

The First Mountain To Be Removed

Date: July 22 1905
Description: A cartoon titled "The First Mountain To Be Removed" showing Uncle Sam and Theodore Roosevelt looking at a mountain shaped like a skeleton wearing a mask an...

The Great American Durbar

Date: March 04 1905
Description: A political cartoon titled "The Great American Durbar," showing a parade of political characters featuring Theodore Roosevelt perched atop an elephant symb...

"Victory" for the Republican Party

Date: November 20 1880
Description: The United States presidential election of 1880 was largely seen as a referendum on the Republicans' relaxation of Reconstruction efforts in the southern s...

The National Democratic Convention

Date: April 23 1860
Description: Drawing of The National Democratic Convention in session at Charleston, South Carolina.

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