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Girl with Bubbles

Date: September 30 1984
Description: A young girl playing with soap bubbles outdoors.

Father Towing his Son

Date: March 27 1989
Description: Father on a bicycle towing son on a scooter.

Skateboard Handstands

Date: April 06 1985
Description: Young men performing skateboard handstands on downtown sidewalks.

Beach Toss

Date: August 12 1984
Description: A bikini-clad woman snaps a self-portrait with a long cable release attached to a camera as she is tossed into the air by a group of men on the beach. Othe...

Frisbee Catch

Date: July 20 1988
Description: Young men clamor to catch a Frisbee during a beach game.

Walter Mondale

Date: October 24 1984
Description: Walter Mondale campaigns for president in 1984 during his failed run against Ronald Reagan.

Filling Potholes

Date: April 27 1987
Description: A city worker fills in holes in the road in mild spring weather.

Christmas Chocolates

Date: December 03 1979
Description: An employee of Kehr's Kandy Kitchen packages candy for holiday sales.

Light Show at the Fair

Date: July 26 1966
Description: Several young people pause behind the fence to look at a midway ride in action at the Washington County Junior Fair.

Fair Concessions

Date: July 10 1985
Description: People, including a very eager little girl, stand around a concession stand to buy popcorn, peanuts, cotton candy, snow-cones, and other snacks at the 50th...

Operetta Scene

Date: December 17 1982
Description: Operetta Scene - The Hansberry-Sands Theater Company performed a scene from "Black Nativity" at St. Agnes Church, 4055 N. 25th St.

Employee Working on a Computer

Date: August 28 1984
Description: Mary Beaudry, a temporary employee at International Business Machines, works on word-processing and computer equipment.

A Bouquet for Geraldine Ferraro

Date: October 31 1984
Description: Geraldine Ferraro thanks a little boy and girl for giving her a bouquet of flowers after her speech.

Gov. Tommy Thompson posing with Former Living Governors

Date: August 01 1991
Description: Wisconsin's seven living past governors posing with Gov. Tommy Thompson. (Front, from left): Warren Knowles, Gaylord Nelson: (Back row, from left) Lee Drey...

The Bump

Date: July 20 1977
Description: Two women dancing "the bump," wearing tank tops and jean shorts. One of the women's shirt reads "Handle With Care." Other people are in the background.

Joe Oulahan

Date: August 20 1989
Description: A man is sitting on the railing of a back porch, with a garage and lawn in the background. Caption reads: "Joe Oulahan, 32, came here from Connecticut 15 y...

Phillip Moreland

Date: October 23 1985
Description: A man us sitting on concrete steps, and is wearing a beret, eyeglasses, and a sweater. Caption reads: "Phillip Moreland, a Milwaukee longshoreman idled by...

Kubicki Family

Date: September 05 1977
Description: A man, a woman, and two children are sitting together on the front walk steps in front of a house. Caption reads: "Dennis Kubicki, his wife, Sandy, and the...

Breath Control

Date: December 1976
Description: A man plays a Baritone Tuba for an old-time Civil War band. He is wearing a uniform.

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