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Child with Book

Date: September 30 1988
Description: Young girl holding a book about child care written by Dr. Benjamin Spock, M.D. She is holding the book upside down.

Father and Infant Son

Date: March 28 1989
Description: Infant son holds father's finger.

Anti-Nuclear Protest

Date: February 25 1988
Description: A man hands out information while holding a sign reading "Stop All Nuclear Testing" in front of the Reuss Federal Building.

School Crossing Guard

Date: September 10 1987
Description: A traffic crossing guard reading while she is waiting for a Grafton elementary school to dismiss its students for the day.

Quiet Moment

Date: May 14 1987
Description: A couple holds hands and reads together while sitting on a bench.

Window Washer

Date: May 14 1989
Description: A man leans out a window to clean the outside glass.

Shall We Dance?

Date: February 1988
Description: Five students in costume are dancing while several adults are looking on. Caption reads: "SHALL WE DANCE? Children practiced an Asian dance before performi...

Unique Dance Group

Date: May 22 1989
Description: Five dancers in vertical-striped overalls performing in front of an audience indoors. Caption reads: "Members of the Unique dance group perform at the Linc...

Helen and Jim Alherton

Date: May 25 1989
Description: A couple is dancing in the foreground while several people are dancing in the background. The woman is wearing a sweater with an M stitched to it. Caption...

Masked Ball

Date: February 01 1989
Description: Two people in costume posing on the dance floor. A few other dancers and band members are in the background. Caption reads: "Masked Ball — At the second an...

Tejumola F. Ologboni

Date: June 13 1987
Description: A man is grimacing while working on what appears to be an Egyptian stone sculpture. Caption reads: "Tejumola F. Ologboni attached the beard to a figure on...

Jason Boyd

Date: June 15 1989
Description: A high school student in cap and gown is hugging a woman. Caption reads: "END OF THE ROAD — Jason Boyd hugged the mother of a fellow graduate after Riversi...

Ricky Chones

Date: June 27 1989
Description: A man in a wheelchair is passing a basketball to someone in the foreground. Caption reads: "The Waukesha Park and Recreation Department, in cooperation wit...

Work Day

Date: May 18 1989
Description: Two boys are sitting and standing next to a four-wheel utility vehicle that is hauling a cart of hay. They are facing a woman standing on the right who is...

"Stop the Violence" Rally

Date: May 20 1989
Description: Two young men stand together. One is holding a sign that is barely visible. Next to him is another sign that reads "Come and help STOP the VIOLENCE". Capti...

A Sheer Winner

Date: March 22 1989
Description: A woman posing in a coat with matching pants and holding a domino mask over her face. Behind her is another woman posing, also with a domino mask. Caption...

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