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National Pharmacy Week Display

Date: 06 28 1942
Description: A window display at Hubbard Drug Company for National Pharmacy Week. The display extols the virtues of your pharmacist being able to craft medicines specif...

Hughes' Air Victory

Date: 07 14 1938
Description: Minutes after finishing their record-breaking flight around the world (in 7 hours and 28 minutes), Howard Hughes and the four aviators who flew with him we...

Packinghouse Workers Strike

Date: 04 1948
Description: As an empty truck is entering the Cudahy Packing Company plant in Kansas City, Kansas, striking United Packinghouse employees threaten the drivers by appea...

McCarthy Defeats La Follette

Date: 08 15 1946
Description: Joseph R. McCarthy opens congratulatory telegrams after his primary election victory over Senator Robert M. La Follette, Jr., a victory which ended the La ...

Jim Doyle Sr. and Eleanor Roosevelt

Date: 1952
Description: James E. Doyle Sr., head of the Americans For Democratic Action (1953-1954), at an ADA meeting (perhaps 1954) with Eleanor Roosevelt. As chair of the Wisco...

FDR Signs the Social Security Bill

Date: 08 14 1935
Description: President Franklin D. Roosevelt about to sign the Social Security Act of 1935.

Picket Line Compassion

Date: 01 16 1946
Description: On the first day of their strike against the Cudahy Company, picketing workers in New York City permit the loading of cartons of ham and bacon for city hos...

CIO Convention

Date: 11 21 1950
Description: Elevated view of the annual convention of the Congress of Industrial Organizations at the Palmer House hotel.

Labor Violence in Iowa

Date: 05 21 1948
Description: National Guardsmen stand guard outside the headquarters of Local 46 of the United Packinghouse Workers of America after the shooting of a striker at the Ra...

Breaking the Blockade

Date: 05 05 1949
Description: Several days before the Berlin Blockade was to be lifted, Russian authorities permitted this West Berlin couple to purchase potatoes in the eastern sector....

Striker Arrested

Date: 01 17 1946
Description: Elevated view of a Swift Company striker being taken from the CIO picket line by police. The striker was reported to have been beaten and arrested.

President Truman Meets the Press

Description: President Harry Truman meets a packed room full of reporters. Merriman Smith, the "dean of the White House correspondents and the donor of this image," can...

Robert Doyle in Pillbox

Date: 01 1943
Description: Robert Doyle emerges from a captured Japanese pillbox at Buna, New Guinea, (present day Papua New Guinea). The pillbox is built of dirt, logs and foliage.

Robert Doyle Interviews a Soldier

Date: 02 10 1943
Description: Robert Doyle interviews Private Floyd Flayter, (shirtless) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin at a training ground somewhere in Australia. A firearm is laying on the ...

In the U.S. Supreme Court Room

Date: 05 1937
Description: In the U.S. Supreme Court Room, after hearing the Court hand down its decisions upholding the constitutionality of the old age insurance and unemployment i...

Social Security Board Chairman Testifies

Date: 02 24 1939
Description: Arthur J. Altmeyer (center), Chairman of the Social Security Board, pictured as he appeared before the Senate Unemployment and Relief Committee. Altmeyer e...

Conference Concerning the Pending Bill to Improve the Social Security Act

Date: 03 31 1939
Description: The conference concerned the pending bill to improve the Social Security Act. From left to right, all sitting: Senator James F. Byrnes, Chairman of the Sen...

Social Security Conference with President Roosevelt

Date: 03 20 1939
Description: Leaving the White House after their Social Security conference with President Roosevelt are (left to right): John Hanes, Undersecretary of the Treasury; Ar...

Arthur J. Altmeyer Awarded an Honorary LL.D Degree

Date: 06 02 1939
Description: Arthur J. Altmeyer was awarded an honorary LL.D. degree from the University of Wisconsin.

Men who received degrees from the University of Wisconsin are, ...


Arthur J. Altmeyer with Sir William Beveridge

Date: 06 05 1943
Description: From left to right: Sir William Beveridge, author of the British "Cradle to the Grave" social security plan, and Arthur J. Altmeyer, Chairman of the Social...

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