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Concrete Pour at Clintonville

Date: 1914
Description: Paving the main street with concrete was an occasion that brought out a large part of the Clintonville community to watch.

Gravel Road Surface

Date: 06 14 1951
Description: Crushing gravel to surface STH 101 in Florence County.

Douglas County Road Crew

Date: 09 21 1933
Description: Employees of Anderson & Sons, a Minneapolis construction company, surfacing and curing USH 53 in Douglas County.

Langlade Resurfacing

Date: 07 25 1950
Description: Road crew applying a product known as RCS3 Bitumen, a particular type of asphalt, to seal the surface of STH 47 in Langlade County.

Highway Excavation

Date: 09 27 1933
Description: Excavation, both manual and machine powered, probably between Richland Center and Boaz on STH 14.

Construction Workers' Cabins

Date: 09 27 1933
Description: Cabins for employees of the Interstate Construction Company working near Richland Center and Boaz. Road construction sites were frequently far from accommo...

Wisconsin Highway Sign

Date: 1917
Description: These two signs located along the route of Wisconsin State Trunk Highway 15 and 16 indicate the presence of a culvert. Beginning in 1917 Wisconsin pioneer...

African American Road Crew

Date: 08 1912
Description: Two African American men unloading the cement chute during paving of Janesville Plank Road.

Patrolman Sealing a Crack

Date: 10 13 1948
Description: A patrolman, as local highway crewmen were known, filling a crack on State Highway 12 in Sauk County.

Road Planer

Date: 1926
Description: Road crew pulling a wooden, apparently homemade, road grader. It is a variation on the "Wisconsin Road Planer," a design perfected by the Highway Commissi...

Road Crew

Date: 10 20 1948
Description: Construction workers along State Highway 59 putting crack filler into a tar kettle for heating.

Highway Commission Truck

Date: 1921
Description: Highway Commission dump truck photographed outside the Heil Company factory in Milwaukee. The truck was a Nash four-wheel drive model with the body built ...

Cement Highway

Date: 07 1923
Description: State Highway 19 in Jefferson County taken by the Portland Cement Company, probably to represent the modern concrete highway.

Road Crew

Date: 1919
Description: Road crew working on State Highway 11 (now 14) in Richland County.

Road Crew

Date: 01 1919
Description: View of the road crew at work on State Highway 11 (now 14) in Richland County.

Improved Rural Road

Date: 1916
Description: Panoramic view of the section of State Highway 115 in Richland County known as Muscoda-Richland Center Road. Grading and improvement of this hilly section...

Bad Road Conditions of the 1940s

Date: 04 15 1941
Description: Impassible muddy conditions along State Highway 13 between Butternut and Glidden, with a truck of the Flambeau Freight Lines stuck up to its axles.

La Crosse County Highway

Date: 1936
Description: Roadimprovements along the portion of US Highway 16 known as the La Crosse-West Salem Road. At the time, this road represented the ultimate in modern high...

Road Construction Crew

Date: 1920
Description: Dump trucks and steam shovel of the S.P. Croft Company, a road contractor from Milwaukee, at work at an unidentified Wisconsin site.

Rocky Shoulder on Highway 51

Date: 1925
Description: View of a road crew along State Highway 15 at work constructing a trench for a penetration type shoulder near Kaukauna.

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