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Hamilton Standard Propeller Logo

Description: Logo of the Hamilton Standard Propeller Company. Thomas Hamilton of Milwaukee began manufacturing propellers during the 1920s. In 1929 Boeing purchased Ham...

Alan Shepard

Date: 1966
Description: Astronaut Alan Shepard (second from the left), then the head of NASA's astronaut office, talks with the press at Cape Canaveral before the Gemini 8. On Apr...

Gemini 8 Astronauts

Date: 03 1966
Description: Astronauts Neil A. Armstrong (right) and David R. Scott, the two-man crew scheduled to fly Gemini 8, visiting the Lockheed plant where the Agena target veh...

Gemini Interview

Date: 08 17 1965
Description: NBC News broadcaster Merrill Mueller interviewing Lockheed engineer Bud Zeller about the Gemini Agena Target Vehicle. The interview was part of a public re...

Northwest Airlines Anniversary

Date: 07 15 1997
Description: Northwest Airlines celebrated the 50th anniversary of its around-the-globe service to the Orient at Minneapolis Airport in 1997. For this event the airline...

World War II B-25

Date: 04 18 1992
Description: "Skunkie," a restored B-25 bomber similar those flown in the famous Jimmy Doolittle Raid on Tokyo. At the 50th anniversary celebration of the raid, "Skunki...

First Women ATC Trainees

Date: 09 1977
Description: The first class of female Air Force jet pilots posing with a supersonic T-38 Talon training aircraft at Randolph Air Force Base. Their training was part of...

Berlin Airlift Coal Shipment

Date: 1948
Description: A British soldier directs the truck driver as German workers prepare to load a shipment of coal on a U.S. Air Force C-54 airplane at Fassberg Airfield. Fro...

Berlin Airlift Skytrain

Date: 1948
Description: The reason for the official name for the Berlin Airlift, "Operation Skytrain," is suggested by this photograph of C-47 transport airplanes unloading at Tem...

Rex Harlow

Description: Studio portrait of Rex. F. Harlow.

Public Relations News

Date: 03 21 1949
Description: Front page of the newsletter "Public Relations News".

Cyber PR Report

Date: 1995
Description: Front cover of the "CyberSpace PR Report" newsletter from August/September.

Declaration of Principles Brochure

Description: The front cover of a brochure entitled "Declaration of Principles" which details a "code of professional standards for the practice of public relations".
Book or Pamphlet

Brochure for the National Public Relations Conference

Date: 11 1958
Description: Front and back covers of a brochure titled: "The Great Forces Shaping Our Future" for the National Public Relations Conference of November 5-7.

Army Reserve Advertisements

Description: A collage of advertisements for the Army Reserve.

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