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"Fashion Suggester" Illustration

Date: 1909
Description: An illustration of two men modeling spring suits with a domed building in the background, as shown in the spring and summer issue of the "Fashion Suggester...

Tonyawatha Spring Hotel

Date: 1883
Description: Tonyawatha Spring Hotel from a descriptive brochure. The hotel opened in 1879 and was destroyed by fire on July 31, 1895.

Scene of the Riot

Date: 05 10 1849
Description: Illustration of the "terrific and fatal" riot at the New York Astor Place Opera House.

Church Goods

Date: 01 28 1918
Description: Front cover of the Benziger Brothers Church Goods catalog advertising metal ware, vestments, statuary, and furnishings.

Chippewa Spring Sanitorium Hotel

Description: Front cover of Prospectus of The Chippewa Spring Sanitorium Hotel. An illustration of the hotel is included along with the words: "Health, Rest, And Joy".

Wisconsin State Fair Poster

Date: 1879
Description: Advertisement for the 1879 Wisconsin State Fair held at Camp Randall in Madison. The poster features a drawing of a hot air balloon and boasts of special a...
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Robert M. La Follette Sr. Speech

Date: 09 19 1900
Description: Pamphlet of Robert M. La Follette's first speech of the campaign that took place at Schlitz Park. The pamphlet contains the full speech.
Book or Pamphlet

War With Germany Pamphlet

Date: 04 04 1917
Description: Speech of Robert M. La Follette in the Senate of Wisconsin regarding the war with Germany.

Louisiana Story 1963

Date: 1963
Description: Cover of pamphlet entitled "Louisiana Story 1963," by James Farmer. Produced by the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE).

Gisholt Erecting Floor

Description: The erecting floor in the Gisholt Machine Company's shop on East Washington Avenue.

Monona Avenue

Date: 1914
Description: Monona Avenue with Lake Monona in the background. (Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard as of January 19, 1987). View from the dome of the Wisconsin State Cap...

"Freedom's Journal"

Date: 06 22 1827
Description: Front page of "Freedom's Journal," Volume 1, #15.
Book or Pamphlet

Chapman's Medical School Brochure

Date: 1852
Description: Circular and catalogue advertising Dr. Chandler B. Chapman's "Practical School for Anatomy and Surgery." Madison, 1852.
Book or Pamphlet

Anti-Slavery Sermon Imprint

Date: 1861
Description: Printed copy of a sermon, "The Duty of the Northern States in Relation to the Future of Slavery," delivered by Rev. William Henry Brisbane, minister of the...
Book or Pamphlet

Farwell's Madison Mills

Date: 1851
Description: Engraving of the five-story tall mill erected at the outlet of the Yahara Creek by Leonard J. Farwell. This engraving appears in Statistics of Dane County,...
Newspaper Article/Clipping

Wisconsin Argus Advertisement

Date: 1851
Description: Advertisment for the "Wisconsin Argus" newspaper published in Madison, Wisconsin by S.D. Carpenter and H.A. Tenney.

Madison Institute Broadside

Date: 1854
Description: Broadside announcing the 1854 opening lecture of the Madison Institute, a private library and civic forum, on December 11, 1854, in the First Baptist Churc...

Farwell Broadside

Date: 1851
Description: "Good Testimony, Read, Read!," a broadside issued by citizens of Milwaukee in support of the gubernatorial candidacy of the Whig candidate, Leonard J. Farw...

Remember Pearl Harbor

Date: 12 07 1942
Description: A souvenir program entitled "Remember Pearl Harbor!" for an event at Columbus Auditorium in Green Bay. The program includes roll call of the Earl Wallen Pl...
Book or Pamphlet

Nash Six Sport Model

Date: 1923
Description: A page from a Nash Motors Company catalog, showing a six-cylinder, four-passenger sport sedan which was available in deep maroon with a khaki-color mohair ...

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