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Dedication of Wisconsin's First Expressway

Date: September 04 1958
Description: Dedication of Wisconsin's first expressway, a seven-mile stretch of Interstate Highway I-94 in Waukesha County, Wisconsin. Presiding at the ribbon-cutting...

Vince Lombardi at the Pro Football Writers Dinner

Date: February 10 1969
Description: Green Bay Packers football coach, Vince Lombardi, being interviewed at the professional football writers dinner.

Woman Broiling Hamburger

Date: 1950
Description: An apron-clad woman broiling hamburgers in the kitchen.

Photographers Learn How to Shoot a Crime Scene

Description: Elevated view of photographers being instructed on how to shoot a crime scene. A teacher is demonstrating photographic techniques while a group of students...

Do-nut Queen Advertisement

Date: October 17 1944
Description: Donut queen posed for advertising campaign. The female model is holding a box of donuts and is sitting on a large clock bearing the slogan: "It's Always Do...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy at the Podium

Date: October 23 1960
Description: A campaign speech by presidential candidate John F. Kennedy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Field House.

Milwaukee Journal Photographer

Date: 1950
Description: Milwaukee Journal photographer with display of cameras and flash units. He is dramatically demonstrating the use of flash powder.

Rose Bowl Bound

Date: December 18 1952
Description: University of Wisconsin football fans get their Badger memorabilia on the way to the Rose Bowl played January 1st, 1953.

Family at Home

Date: 1955
Description: A mother posing with her seven children in the living room of their home.

Working at the Parker Pen Factory

Date: October 16 1952
Description: A worker is using a machine to cut metal strips for fountain pen nibs at the Parker Pen factory.

Haney and Stengel

Date: September 28 1958
Description: Fred Haney, manager of the 1958 National League pennant winning Milwaukee Braves, confers with his American League counterpart, Casey Stengel, manager of t...

Logan throws to first

Date: June 23 1957
Description: Milwaukee Braves shortstop Johnny Logan jumps over a sliding baserunner and throws to Braves' first baseman Frank Torre in a game at County Stadium. Secon...

Henry Aaron as a Rookie

Date: March 18 1954
Description: Head and shoulders portrait of Milwaukee Braves outfielder Henry "Hank" Aaron in his baseball uniform. 1954 was Aaron's rookie season.

Aaron Swinging Bat

Date: 1962
Description: Milwaukee Braves outfielder Henry Aaron swings his bat during a baseball game.

General Motors Parking Lot

Date: 1960
Description: Parking lot at the General Motors plant.

Highway Patrolman issues Ticket

Date: 1961
Description: Highway patrolman issue's ticket ot motorist.Photograph taken by a Milwaukee Journal photographer who was covering the day of the Wisconsin State Highway P...

Highway Patrolman's Day

Date: 1961
Description: Photograph taken through the broken windshield of a Wisconsin State highway patrol car. The patrolmen are at the scene of an automobile accident somewhere...

Milwaukee Street Repair

Date: 1952
Description: Milwaukee streets department employees repair the intersection of Meinecke Avenue and 12th Street. Behind them, a Blatz truck is making a delivery to the...

Gorillas Samson and Sambo Adoptive Birthday Party

Date: October 05 1955
Description: Children and adults gathered in front of the gorilla cages at the Washington Park Zoo to celebrate the fifth adoptive birthday party for Samson and Sambo....

Children at Milwaukee County Zoo

Date: October 15 1955
Description: Children leaning against a fence at the fifth adoptive birthday party for Samson and Sambo at the Washington Park Zoo. Several of the children are drinkin...

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