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Hank Aaron at Bat

Date: 04 01 1955
Description: Henry "Hank" Aaron at bat during a Milwaukee Braves pre-season game.

Card Players

Date: 03 20 1965
Description: Several men engaged in a serious card game at the Milwaukee Municipal Social Center, one of several centers devoted to social and recreational programs for...

Upside Down Smile Sign

Date: 1959
Description: Filling station sign reading: "smile," purposely put upside down. A young woman is bending over to read it.

Church on Easter Sunday

Date: 04 06 1969
Description: Children walking out of church after the Easter Sunday service at St. James United Methodist Church at 1114 West Brown Street.

Summer Harrowing

Date: 07 07 1934
Description: Farmer George Kopp giving a ride on his horse-drawn harrow to a young friend as he cultivates his field.

Frankfurters on the Grill

Date: 08 22 1963
Description: "Picnicking in Mitchell Park provided a pleasant afternoon recently for these senior citizens who participated in the Milwaukee County Park Commission's pr...

Fallen Tree on Automobile

Date: 10 04 1963
Description: A man surveys the damage to his car, and the aged tree that toppled onto it.

Deep Freeze

Description: Icicles and a layer of frosty ice cover parked cars.

Summer Fun

Date: 08 10 1964
Description: A rubber raft serves as the launching point for diving and other water play on a hot summer day.

Playing House

Date: 01 16 1964
Description: A young girl watches out the door of her playhouse while a young boy retrieves letters from the play mailbox.

Groundbreaking at Preschool

Date: 11 20 1963
Description: A three-year-old poses with a man-sized shovel of soil during a groundbreaking ceremony at the site of a new preschool. Behind him is a large steam shovel.

Story Time

Date: 10 17 1963
Description: A librarian reads a children's book aloud to young boys and girls.

Newborn Chick

Date: 03 19 1963
Description: Eggbert, the baby chick, waits for his siblings to hatch in a home incubator, under the watchful eyes of a young boy and girl.

Telephone Conversation

Date: 03 27 1963
Description: A three-year-old girl uses a toy telephone, and carries on an imaginary conversation at a preschool.

Baker and Bread

Date: 05 14 1964
Description: A baker removes multiple loaves of bread from the oven for consumption in both bakery and restaurant.

The Grill Room

Date: 05 08 1964
Description: A waitress sets restaurant tables in anticipation of evening business.

Toy Chimp Robot

Date: 06 06 1963
Description: Toy distributors for Ideal Toy Corporation introduce a new toy line to dealers.

Crunching Numbers

Date: 11 10 1963
Description: Male students run data cards through a computer to match couples for a school dance.

Shooting for the Moon

Date: 05 14 1963
Description: Lunar trajectory paths and computations on a blackboard are discussed by employees of Milwaukee's Astronautics, Inc.

Information Filing and Storage

Date: 04 17 1964
Description: A clerk checks real estate property information in a vast filing system housed in a vault.

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