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"Time to Pick Up a Gun!?!"

Date: 1970
Description: Handmade poster alluding to a statement from American social and political activist Tom Hayden, in which he allegedly asked, "[Is it] time to pick up a gun...

"Don't Rely on a Chemical High, Try Jesus"

Date: 04 29 1970
Description: Handmade poster that reads, "Don't rely on a chemical high, try Jesus." Includes a drawing of a hippie figure, wearing a vest with a button that says, "Has...

Bible Prophecy Survey Poster

Date: 11 07 1970
Description: Handmade poster, meant for comments responding to the original inquiry, "the Bible prophesies that man will be on the virge [sic] of self-destruction (Batt...

"Quixote Presents: A Phenomenological Rout..."

Date: 12 04 1970
Description: Poster advertising for a program at the [Kafka] Memorial Union. Text inlaid in ghostly image reads, "Quixote presents: A Phenomenological rout featuring th...

"Big Deal Art: An Open Discussion..."

Date: 11 25 1970
Description: Poster advertising "'Big Deal Art' an open discussion with slides and films by" Dante Leonelli, a visiting professor to the University of Wisconsin-Madison...

University Catholic Center: Programs, 1970-71

Date: 11 24 1970
Description: Poster collage advertising events occurring at the University of Wisconsin-Madison University Catholic Center. Includes sermons, discussions and gatherings...

First National Bank Madison Check Poster

Date: 12 11 1970
Description: Caption on back reads, "Given by 1st National Bank to student customers, 11-XII-70 [12/11/70]. This is the design of their new 'Madisonian' checks." Depict...

Madison Area Recycling Roundup Poster

Date: 11 18 1970
Description: A recycling poster, removed from the front of a Coca-Cola machine, which reads, "A Challenge To The People of The Madison Area." It discusses a pilot progr...

Red Power Wisconsin Pow-Wow Poster

Date: 10 05 1970
Description: Poster for an American Indian Pow-Wow, held at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Stock Pavillion [sic], October 10, including a coalition of nativ...

Students for a Democratic Society Protest Poster

Date: 11 01 1970
Description: Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) protest in Detroit, November 3, 1970. Text at the top reads: "Nov. 3 — Elections Are A Hoax!" Handwritten on the le...

Tayles and Strophe Concert Poster

Date: 11 03 1970
Description: Poster for a "Tayles and Strophe" concert, hosted by the Madison Musicians Co-Op, November 7, 1970, at the Great Hall in the University of Wisconsin-Madiso...

Red Shed Promotional Music Poster

Date: 12 07 1970
Description: Poster promoting music performances at the Red Shed bar, Frances Street.

"Genesis III" Poster

Date: 1970
Description: Poster for "Genesis III" short film event, presented by the Madison Art Center at St. Francis House, January 7-10, 1971. "Genesis III" was an independently...

Tomahawk Ridge Ski Jumping Championships

Date: 01 1971
Description: Poster for the Tomahawk Ridge Ski Jumping Championships, held Sunday, January 24, 1971. An official Central U.S. Ski Association Meet, sponsored by the Bla...

Buy This Poster Brother, May It Serve You Well Calendar

Date: 1970
Description: Large calendar featuring a montage of "A Great American." Depicted faces include: Billy Graham, Ralph Abernathy, William Stanton, John Mitchell, Mickey Mou...

Lauder M.A. Show

Date: 01 1970
Description: Screen printed poster for a University of Wisconsin-Madison M.A. show held at the Concourse Gallery in the Wisconsin Center, Madison. The name "Lauder" app...

"Arrivederci Roma" Recital Poster

Date: 01 1970
Description: Poster for a piano performance of "Arrivaderci [sic], Roma," at Murphy's Hall on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, 4:00 pm, January 18, 19...

"Fred Hampton is a Black Panther"

Date: 1971
Description: Poster with an image of Fred Hampton, a member of the black panthers, wearing sunglasses and a hat. Caption reads, "Fred Hampton is a Black Panther." Infor...

Front National de Liberté Poster

Date: 1970
Description: Graphic poster announcing an event for the Front National de Liberté (National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam). Poster depicts a Southern Vietna...

Miles Davis Quintet & Keith Jarrett Poster

Date: 02 1971
Description: Screen printed poster announcing a performance by Miles Davis Quintet and Keith Jarrett, occurring Thursday, March 18, 1971, at the Union Theater in the Un...

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