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Wehmhoff Effigy Mound

Date: June 27 1927
Description: Aerial view of the effigy mound on Henry Wehmhoff's Riverview Farm. State Trunk Highway 83 runs through the effigy.

Linear Mounds

Date: August 1905
Description: A visitor takes in the sight of three linear burial mounds at the Sure-Johnson mound group south of McFarland, Wisconsin.

Vilas Park

Date: 1908
Description: Elevated view of Vilas Park, filled with groups of people on the lawn, and horse-drawn carriages on the drive.

Nakoma Country Club Score Card, Front Side

Description: Front view of golf score card for the Nakoma Country Club featuring illustration of a Native American man at the top.

Nakoma Country Club Score Card, Back View

Description: Back side of Nakoma Country Club golf score card detailing rules of the game.

Monona Bay in Madison

Date: 1904
Description: Monona Bay from the railroad trestle looking southwest, close to where the railroad tracks cross North Shore Drive, (now Brittingham Park), with old houses...

Sketch of Trempealeau Mounds

Description: Drawing of Trempealeau Mounds.

Large Platform Mound

Description: Largest platform mound in Trempealeau as seen from the north.

Mound and Barn

Description: View of large platform mound with small barn in the foreground.
Map or Atlas

Procession of Mounds

Date: 1876
Description: A sketch map of the procession of Indian mounds on the two ridged field sites in Grant County.

Nakoma Country Club

Description: Sketch Plan for the Nakoma Country Club.

Indian Garden Bed

Date: 1912
Description: Indian cultivated garden beds, partially covered with snow, "South of West over the big area." Now known as the Eulrich Site, a mile from the shore of Lake...

Governor Phillip at Victory Celebration

Date: July 09 1919
Description: Governor Phillip at a victory celebration at Reserve, Wisconsin.

Thunderbird Petroglyphs

Description: Thunderbird petroglyphs carved on rock face at Twin Bluffs.

Observatory Hill Ceremony

Date: 1914
Description: Ceremony for erecting tablets on the Observatory Hill Mounds performed by University of Wisconsin summer session students.

Ceremony at Vilas Circle Bear Mound

Date: July 29 1910
Description: Miss Pauline Buell removes an American flag from the Vilas Circle Bear Mound following the unveiling of a historic tablet on July 29, 1910.

Linear Mound on the Dividing Ridge

Description: Two men enjoy the shade among Native American burial mounds on the Dividing Ridge, a recessional moraine, between Lakes Monona and Wingra in Madison, Wisco...

Excavation of Outlet Mound 5

Date: May 30 1931
Description: W.P. and Vivian Morgan, Grace Rollins and ? Mills excavate a burial mound in the Outlet group at the foot of Lake Monona on May 30, 1931.

Visitors Watch a Burial Mound Excavation

Date: 1935
Description: Members of the Wisconsin Outing Club watch the excavation of a burial mound at the Outlet group in 1935.

Large Burial Mound on the South Shore of Lake Monona

Date: 1913
Description: One of the large burial mounds of the Outlet mound group on the former Hoyt property at the foot of Lake Monona.

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